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5 things you should never settle for!

5 things you should never settle for!

We all want to be happy, but what does it take? Most of us, we keep searching for things that will make us happy. However, in life, many times we try to settle for less, in the fear that we will never achieve the happiness we wanted. We feel scared of the situation and always live in constant fear that however we wait or search we will never get true happiness. In this article, we will talk about five things that anyone should never settle for. You should be constantly battling, even if you feel weak, do not give up and try to achieve what your heart wants.

5 things to never settle down!

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Many times we live in negativity and we don’t realise it. For example negative relations. At the start, a relation may look amazing but with time it changes. Drifts, fights come along. However, we never give up, we continue to live in it, we fight to maintain it. You will not realise, but with time, that ruined relation becomes a great barrier to good things. You try to settle for negative things, even if you are no longer happy, you stay and fight for it. But someone should realise among all this, your time is going, where you could have invested that time somewhere else and be happy. Therefore never try to settle for broken relation, it’s just a waste of time.

Feeling dominated.

Another aspect that you are settling is when you let others dominate yourself. When you do not stand firm on your decision and allow someone else to rule you. When you allow someone else option to become yours. Or, sacrificing yourself for others. All these are some facts that you are being dominated. Sometimes it becomes a habit, to listen to people, to do everything they want and in between of this we lose our identity. What you liked to do, what were our plans all get changed and with this, we lose ourselves.


Many times in life, we ask for our rights. We ask for what we deserved. But another side of this, is that we are told that we cannot do something. We cannot achieve what we want. There is an insecure voice in each of us, which prevents us from doing things we would want to. We are all equal in this world, and if someone tries to tell you that you cannot do something. Or discourage you constantly then they should be removed from your life.

Never stay somewhere you get bad vibes.

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Staying in a good place is a prime factor in your life. We also have these small intuitions whenever we see a place or an apartment. We have to learn to listen to our intuitions, never ignore them.

A job you don’t like

Lastly never try to stay or stick to a job you don’t like doing. If getting up for work is a big issue for you, then my dear you need to think about it again. Do not settle in something you don’t feel happy, you need to search more. Wait for the job you have always dreamt of. Work harder to achieve it and do not try to settle in jobs which don’t make you happy. We often get discourage and work at a place we never liked or never appreciated just for having the salary and due to discouragement. But someone should realise that till when will he or she settle, there will be a time, where you need to stand up for what you like and work had for it.

By Niharika Essoo

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