6 Challenges that hinder women empowerment!

6 Challenges that hinder women empowerment!

6 Challenges that hinder women empowerment!

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

-Mary Anne Radmacher


Women have been prey to the patriarchal society since ages. She has to face challenges right from her birth till the time she steps out of her house to become something and beyond that too. She has to fight against the society at every point in time. They say that the trend is changing. Women are giving cut throat competition to men today! Is that so in reality?

Here are the 6 challenges that woman face to step out in male bounded society  to be on their own to become Entrepreneurs:


Financial resources

6 Challenges that hinder women empowerment!

First and foremost is the problem of raising capital. They consider the women entrepreneurs as handicapped in handling the financial resources for their business. They cannot crack deals and convince the investors for their ideas easily because the mindset is such that women entrepreneurs are not given priority easily.

Mainstream Thinking

Indian women are considered as “homemakers” and not” businesswomen” who can go out and tackle the obstacles of carrying out a business of their own and do all the stress handling. They are bound to remain within the realm of their home. This mainstream thinking pulls them back to ground zero. The societal pressure demotivates them before even starting their path towards achieving their goals.


Conflict between family and Dreams

6 Challenges that hinder women empowerment!

Women entrepreneurs have to deal with the conflict between their personal and professional life. How to manage their children and family and get the support of their family is the biggest challenge they face because at the end the upbringing of the children is posed on the mother.


Marketing of Products

It is hard for them to promote and market their products and develop their business because men are considered to be more powerful in this arena to market their products and hence the even the most knowledgeable women fails to make a mark. Thus, they approach the middlemen who eat up a large chunk of profit.



6 Challenges that hinder women empowerment!

Women entrepreneurs face a stiff competition in making themselves stand determined in their venture to become successful. There are many restraining forces which stop them. Women are still given suspicious looks when they go out late in the evening. Thus women face a major challenge in facing the harsh attitudes of officials and the hardwork required to start up a business.


Emotional Instability

Women are taken to be emotional and temperamental in handling situations which may be adverse at times. Women entrepreneurs are considered to be incapable of taking a risk and bearing losses.


All the above- mentioned challenges faced by women still exists. Though we have Mrs.Indra Noooyi, Mrs. Chanda kochhar, Mrs.Arundhati Bhattacharya as powerful leaders today but what is the scenario for normal women or a girl who aspires to start a business of her own? There are innumerable schemes and ways of raising capital to promote women entrepreneurship but why aren’t the women given same priority and support as men?

The one who overcomes these challenges is the real women entrepreneur. Gender, Religion, Caste, Creed should never be the criteria for success. A good business plan with determination and motivation will lead the women entrepreneurs forward.



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