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6 Signs your guy is ready to get married to you!

6 Signs your guy is ready to get married to you!

6 Signs your guy is ready to get married to you!

Marriage is a difficult choice for many. This is especially true for men who don’t really grow up being conditioned to dream about a wedding. Some may have their own reasons to reject the idea of marriage altogether while others may be secretly waiting for the right moment. One thing basic that may determine his decisions is the kind of people he is in the company of. If he comes from a broken family or has seen tough times almost among all couples he knows, he might just choose to avoid getting married completely.

If you wish to get married then you should have the serious talk with your partner as soon as possible so that both of you are on the same page. If not, it is wise to find someone whose dreams align with yours. Here are a few signs you could look for to find our if your guy is ready to get married to you:

6 Signs your guy is ready to get married to you!

He is certain about a future with you


The best and the most concrete way to be sure is when he tells you exactly what he feels. He knows exactly what he wants when he thinks about a future with you. Not just does he think but he also tells you so. He knows what kind of a house he wants, how many kids and the likes. You can find him being careful about the “marriage” word only because he hasn’t proposed to you yet but you can sense that he does want to get married to you. He doesn’t really depend on probabilities but rather certainties.


His house feels like your own


You have the key to his place. You even have your belongings there and you end up spending most of your time there. You can sneak in whenever you want. This shows that he trust you. He has no problem sharing things with you and doesn’t consider it necessary to hide anything or act fishy behind your back. This only happens when he is absolutely sure about a future with you. He has even asked you to move in with him. He loves having you around him so he wants to see more of you.


You have met his family already


He sees the potential in you take up the responsibility of a future family. If he didn’t think about marriage with you, he wouldn’t ever bother taking you to meet his parents. This is a serious step. It is an important decision where he considers you a priority. He wants his family to approve of you and hence he has made that effort to make you comfortable around the closest people to him. He has built all his hopes that you are going to be his family soon which is why he is eager to have you join him in family gatherings.


He wants your opinions on important issues


Men have a tendency of keeping things all to themselves unless they consider you worthy of sharing the information with. If your guy talks to you about every little thing and also asks for your opinion, then it’s a good sign. He trusts your opinions and knows that what you say holds value in his life. You are not left to keep wondering over what’s bothering him or what is really happening in his life. You are already helping him make the most crucial decisions of his life, then he is ready to get married to you.

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He conveys his feelings


He is still crazy after years of dating you. You have always remained on the priority list and he has been responsible with you. He has still not gotten over the lovey-dovey feels of the initial stage. He still calls you every day. He makes excuses to meet you at surprisingly odd hours. If he is busy, he makes sure you know what he is keeping him occupied. he tells you how much he loves you and hates the idea of going away when work demands his attention. He treats you so well that you know don’t need a better explanation for what he wants with you.


He doesn’t freak out when you talk of marriage


He is quite at ease when you talk of marriage. He listens to you and share what his plans are and why he is taking some time before he takes that major decision. Both your friends are getting married and you find him enjoying these occasions instead of shunning the idea of marriage completely. When his friends ask him about marriage shows hope instead of making excuses about how or when is the right time. Instead of trying to act like attending any wedding is a formality he takes immense pleasure in being amongst people on such a happy event.


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