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6 Ways to begin saving for your summer vacations!

6 Ways to begin saving for your summer vacations!

6 Ways to begin saving for your vacations!

6 Ways to begin saving for your vacations!

The holidays just ended, and are you still confused with your New Year’s resolutions? Why don’t just start thinking about spending summer vacation at your dream destination? And with just five months until summers around, saving for a summer vacation now puts you ahead of the game! So if you’ve promised yourself for a fantastic summer getaway, we have got you these six ways to begin saving for summer vacation right now.

Automate savings

The best thing you can do to save for your dream summer vacation is open a separate savings account and keep on depositing your savings in it. This will also help you to know exactly where you want to head for vacation, and by opening this account you’ll get a jumpstart, and watching that amount grow every month without thinking about it will make spending on your vacation feel that much better. Even I had a separate vacation account set up for years, and I’ve experienced spur-of-the-moment weekend trips with friends and successfully created memories on my dream vacation too. Well it actually works!


Collect change

6 Ways to begin saving for your vacations!

As little droplets can create vast oceans so does “small change” can! While just collecting extra change to fund a vacation will not add cash to your account, but can’t this small amount every day can be some amount of your vacation? You can use this extra cash for a fun activity or meal out while traveling.


Do Overtime or Part time?

6 Ways to begin saving for your vacations!

This would be difficult at first but you’ll get the grip of it. Unfortunately, sometimes just keep saving won’t be enough for the trip of your dreams. The good news is that you can likely earn extra cash on the side to strengthen up your vacation savings account. There are many options to start on with to earn a little extra money. There are plenty of creative and quick ways you can earn little extra bucks on the side like selling unwanted goods, renting out a spare room, or blogging your thoughts. Just make sure that you deposit that money directly into your vacation savings account and not spend as your daily expense!

Set alerts

While you’re planning ahead and saving for a summer vacation, you might as well stretch your bucks as far as they can go by making sure you’re getting the best deal for yourself. If you’re flexible on a travel destination, there are websites that will aggregate the best deals from your home airport and send an alert when cheap airfares are available. If you have a destination in mind and want to get the best price possible, set alerts for flights, hotels, or other vacation costs. There are many travel websites that have the option to set a fare alert so you can easily be notified when there’s a deal on your dream destination and you can avail the best out of it.


Stay focused

6 Ways to begin saving for your vacations!

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And that is why my home wall is plastered in pictures from my favorite vacation spots or the places where I have never been or want to, it’s just a small reminder for me to stay focused on my work and try to save for my next dream vacation. Other options can be to set a picture of the destination as the background of your phone or computer which will increase your willingness to save more and more.

So do you even have any savings tips to share? Comment and let us know!



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