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7 Reasons why your relationship has become boring

7 Reasons why your relationship has become boring

Relationships are weird. Yes, they actually and I have enough reasons to prove it. We love the chase but we fail to work on the catch. We go to great heights to have someone but then eventually that spark wanes for no specific reason at all. Sometimes without a specific cause you find the relationship boring. This is very common and in fact there is no reason to feel bad or guilty about it. This is just the way humans are. We yearn for change. We detest stagnation. Are you feeling bored in your present relationship? Does it fail to excite you the way it did initially? Even if you shouldn’t feel guilty about it, you should nonetheless accept the fact that you didn’t put enough initiative to make it exciting as well. In fact, once you know the causes clearly, you are in a better position to make amends.

Here are a few things that are turning your relationship into a boring one:

Your mundane routine:

Your relationship has no spark. It is moving exactly the same way every day. There is no excitement that will keep you looking forward to something new. Such stagnancy has made your relationship monotonous and has killed all your expectations. Either of you lack the initiative to make your mundane relationship into an exciting one.

You have taken each other for granted

You just know that your partner is there and is not leaving you. You have taken his presence in your life for granted. This has led to a lack of initiative on your side to pull out your lazy bum and infuse new ideas to add some spice. Instead plan out surprises. Get him gifts, go out on dates, give him surprise visits at his place of work. You can do so many things to resuscitate the lost excitement. Just been keen and you will devise newer and more creative methods.

You are eyeing other men


You have already lost that interest to keep yourself hooked onto your man. You have gone in for another chase and you feel that it will bring you greater happiness. You feel like you are worthy of something better and this lies outside your current relationship. Even if you love him, it’s just not enough for you to make yourself stay committed to the small initiative that you ought to be taking to revive your relationship. There is no point then sticking to your boring relationship because you are already in the process of hurting your partner.

He doesn’t satisfy you sexually

If you have a high sex drive and your partner doesn’t, it just instantly kills you mood. Sex with your partner has gotten very predictable and you no longer look towards having a great time with him. If you are already coming up with excuses, that means you just can’t bear the thought getting into any sort of sexual activity with him.

There is no effort to communicate

Sometimes it’s just easy to avoid any conversation because you can at least remain at peace instead of digging topics that have always remained contentious. You give each other enough silent treatment which is why you find him boring. Neither he nor you make the effort to communicate about your daily issues, you successes, your failures, or anything that should be spoken about in relationships. This has in turn slowly killed all the initiative to relive things again just like old days.

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You have found better opportunities

You are more interested in your career now. You have become more ambitious and you no longer derive any pleasure in the company of you man. The fact that both of you think differently about success has driven you into getting secluded and remaining in the company of those who help you focus and motivate you towards your goal. Hence, boredom has crept in your relationship and you only choose to spend time with yourself and work towards your goal on your own.

You are not given your due share

You feel completely neglected now which has made the relationship boring. He no longer treats you the way he did before. In fact the very things that he liked are the source of his troubles with you now. He keeps you isolated and you feel so locked up that you feel helpless. You don’t connect yourself to the way you were once. You miss yourself so much that you want to have the life that you had.

There may be numerous reasons for your lack of interest in your man. They may be because of either of the reasons stated above or all. In case you feel like you can still work things out then do whatever it takes on a priority basis. However, if you have just given up in some corner of your heart, then you need to find yourself out of this relationship.

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