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A week before the wedding – Bride’s checklist

A week before the wedding – Bride’s checklist

The wedding day is the most special and auspicious day of a bride’s life and it is a day that all brides dream of looking their best. As this day approaches, a lot of last minute arrangements linger inside the mind of the bride starting from the perfect trousseau fixes to last minute shopping and many more. Most of the times, all these arrangements forces the bride to ignore her skincare routine. Hence, here is a 7-day skin and body care regime that all busy brides can follow to look their best and look absolutely perfect.

Day 7

Many brides-to-be think that going for body bleach on the last day is the best way to flaunt one’s complexion. But it takes a lot of time and it is best if you go for it a few days earlier. Include this in your day 7’s plan and get rid of your pre-marriage jitters by going for a relaxing body massage. This would calm your mind and relax your body and help you fight stress and mood swings as well which are pretty common for a bride-to-be.

Day 6

Take some time out for yourself from your hectic marriage schedule and the hullabaloo of your home to pamper yourself. Go for a body scrub to clean your skin and make it smooth and silky. The exfoliation would also get rid of the dry and dead skin cells and prepares your body for a body wrap that would nourish the skin from within. A perfect body wrap would relax your mind and condition the skin deeply by hydrating it and give it the perfect shine. Also make sure to go for a tension busting massage for your head.

Day 5

A full body wax would make your skin smooth and tempting. Waxing is also known to rejuvenate your skin and apart from your skin, your hair also needs proper care and attention. Go for a flattening hair color as that can give you a whole new look ensuring that you look glamorous on your special day. And if you do not want to color your entire hair, a few highlights or lowlights can also create magic.

Day 4

Go for a hair-spa as it would condition your hair and give it a shine. Get facial bleach done to make your face glow. Follow it with a gold or any skin-illuminating facial to moisturize your skin deeply. Get the eyebrows shaped and the upper-lips done.

Day 3

On the day of your ‘mehendi’, go for an aromatherapy massage to soothe your stressed mind and pamper your hands and feet with a luxurious pedicure and manicure. If you have planned for a haircut, get it done today.

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Day 2

On your engagement ceremony, it is essential that you look fresh and glowing. Since your hands would be on the limelight, you can enhance the beauty of your nail with nail arts. Settle down with an elegant hairstyle.

Day 1

This is your day so just sit back and enjoy your bridal makeup. Get a refreshing hair wash and be happy and do not look stressed.

These are some of the wedding essentials for a busy bride-to-be to look her best on the D-day.

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