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Babies who grow up with pets are smarter!

Babies who grow up with pets are smarter!

Babies who grow up with pets are smarter!

Babies who grow up with pets are smarter!

A dog is a man’s best friend. This also applies to a baby. Babies have this natural affinity to love and shower kindness on their pets. The internet is full of pictures of pets taking care of the baby or just simply sleeping with them. This is adorable to watch and is usually my go to solution for those sad days.

Most mothers are scared that their pet might accidently hurt their baby, by scratching it or just running it over. This is not true, the internet is witness to how even animals are delicate with babies. The dogs treat the baby like hairless naked puppy. It is really cute to watch.


There have been countless studies which state that animals are actually good for the babies. The animals help the babies in numerous ways as listed below:


  • Mental Capacity  

Pets like cats and dogs are basic beings. They live life in the most rudimentary way. Their daily interactions with the baby as they are growing up helps in the development of the child. They help the baby develop basic motor skills, memory, and they tend to be quicker than other kids. This can be a huge factor in the development of the child’s intelligence. Your dog will make your baby smarter.


  • Physical fitness  

Babies who grow up with pets are smarter!

Babies growing up in a household with pets such as dogs tend to be physically fitter. They tend to crawl faster, walk faster, and they are generally fitter because they always have someone to play with. Running with a dog or playing catch with them is essential for the wellbeing of the dog. Children who make that a habit for themselves too become healthier individuals as they grow up. Kids with pets have a much lower likelihood of being obese over even overweight.


  • Emotional development  

Playing with a pet, sleeping with a pet, giving a pet food and practically spending your day with a pet has to have some kind of resonance on a person’s wellbeing. The babies who spend their childhoods with pets kick start their emotional development. They form more social and personal bonds. They learn kindness from pets and learn how to share. They are emotionally open to relationships and friendships later in life as well.


  • Health  

Babies who grow up with pets are smarter!

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Apart from the abovementioned benefits of having pets play with babies, there are quite a few other advantages as well. Children brought up in an environment with dogs are less likely to get sick. Children get used to certain type of microbes reducing allergies from dust, asthma, and infections. These children are less likely to have runny noses or fevers as babies. Dogs are known to help improve the immune systems of babies more so than cats.

So if you have a baby, it is a much better idea for him to grow up with a dog or a cat, than to be in a super sterile environment. Pets make for better babies. HAVE A SMART BABY!



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