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Honeymoon Destinations 2015 – Top 4

Honeymoon Destinations 2015 – Top 4

So, you are married. Finally!

The rush of all the wedding preparations is over, you and your now husband are ready to embark on the journey of life as a couple. But, where do you start this journey? After the months of preparation and shadi shopping I bet you are tired. After wearing that heavy dress for hours at the wedding, you must be exhausted. While your husband will consider the honeymoon a place to get away from the family and get into your treasured island, for you the honeymoon will be a memory for a lifetime.


If you are having an arranged marriage, the honeymoon will probably be the first time you will get to connect with him. What is important is to choose the perfect setting. Something fun but, not too much fun because, you do want some talking done. The place has to be quiet and calming though, not so quiet that you get bored and want to kill each other. Trust me it’s been known to happen.

Places like Nepal and Switzerland were for your parent’s time. Here is a list of latest trendy honeymoon destinations of 2015. So get your sky bags and start your journey as a couple, with a destination meant for fun and romance.

Honeymoon Destinations in Sri Lanka


  • Colombo, Sri Lanka


Colombo has become a big hit with Indian honeymooners, because of the simple reason that the flight tickets are under 10,000 and you can enjoy a Vegas like feel in the capital of Sri Lanka. Known for its casinos, night life and shopping this can be a nice place close to home for you to chill with your hubby. Enjoy the beaches when you want quiet and head out into the city when you want to get funky.

  • Thailand  


Thailand is an oldie but a goldie in the honeymoon circles. But, you can mix up your experience by heading out to Bangkok to shop, followed by Phuket to enjoy the beaches, Chiang Mai to pet the baby tigers and finish it off with water sports at Phi Phi islands.

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  • Bali, Indonesia 


Bali has come to be known as the last paradise for its beautiful picture perfect sceneries. You have sun, sand, beaches and luxury in your reach with Bali. It has luxurious resorts where you can go all out. The volcanic mountains and forests are worth exploring. So feast your eyes in Bali. Just eat pray and love indeed.

  • Mexico  


Mexico, the land of the drug lords on the border of USA is a prime honeymooning destination, with the best hotel service and beautiful beaches to enjoy. The night life is truly exotic. Head out to Los Cabos and Riviera Maya for the best spots.

Where you go for your honeymoon matters but, what you do on your honeymoon matters more. Research these places together before heading out so you get to understand each other a bit better before actually getting there. You don’t need to spend a bomb on your honeymoon. Book villas instead of hotels for a more private experience and rent a car if are going to be there for a while. Take a longer trip because, you will never be in this place and time again!!

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