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Be Healthy – Wear Less Clothes At Night

Be Healthy – Wear Less Clothes At Night

sdasA study conducted by The National Sleep institute in United States of America has pointed out multiple times that sleeping natural might be the best thing you can do for your health. It is important to note that this study was conducted over a long period of time and had multiple participants. Sleeping is the most fundamental part of life. After the daily wear and tear we go through every day, we need to go to sleep to recover and refresh our mind and body. Surveys conducted in the United States have found that, one in every 3 people sleeps naked.

In the Indian context, maybe reading some of these advantages might convince you to follow suit.

  1. It’s easier

While most of the working professionals today have apartments of their own or are staying with roommates, they usually have a room to themselves. When you don’t have to worry about wearing a bra or wearing anything for that matter, it makes life just a little easier.

  1. Cost

Sleeping with minimal clothing saves you the cost of buying nightwear, which can range in thousands at times. Wearing a boxer to sleep is probably the most comfortable option out there.

  1. Active lifestyle

We live in a world of stress and pollution. People will take any excuse to just be lazy and not do anything. This sedentary lifestyle can partially be blamed on the comfort of your pajama. If you aren’t wearing any, it will make you more active and will force you to stay in your regular clothes.

  1. Freedom

The freedom of not being tied by your bra or your underwear is simple amazing. It will make you smile and who doesn’t want to get up with a smile on their face? This feeling over a long period of time will make you a happier person.

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  1. Medical

The medical advantages to sleeping with minimal clothes is immense. You can avoid yeast infections, rashes, boils, diabetes, hormonal problems, athlete’s foot and many more things. Sleeping with minimal clothes is also known to improve your married life. It is not just because it increases your sex drive, but also because skin to skin contact makes couples feel closer to each other. Of course, having more sex is always good for the health as well. With the increased levels of oxytocin in your system you are sharper and lead a more active lifestyle. When you don’t have multiple layers restricting you, your armpits and your private parts can breathe easy as well. With no clothes there are no restriction to your body and you end up achieving ‘deep sleep’ which is very beneficial for you and will help your body get complete rest.

Going commando is a lifestyle choice. It is a choice to be free and live a happier life. You must try it at least once. Do not attempt this during winters though, as keeping warm is essential during the cold season.

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