Call me a ‘bitch’, is perfectly okay with me



Tina Fey, making a return-resulting in a remarkable guest appearance- at her Weekend Update desk, on Saturday Night Live- once remarked about the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and whilst doing so, called out to the haters of the former US president’s wife and senator, who called her an incompetent, annoying bitch.

Miss Fey agreed, pointed to her partner- Miss Amy Poehler- saying, “So am I, and so is this one.”

Because, in the oh so wise words of Miss Fey- “Bitches get stuff done.”

So, the next time some idiot calls you a ‘bitch’, here are a few reasons why you should smirk, hold your head high and walk away. Or punch him/ her.


1) You know what you want, and you know how to get it.

You, my good lady, don’t need a chaperone to guide you through your troubles. You are capable, strong and intelligent- and you’re not afraid to show it. You know that asking for what’s yours, isn’t a crime. You’re opinionated, and really don’t care if a certain Tom, Dick or Harry- doesn’t agree.


2) You’re not afraid to get in someone’s face, if they do you wrong.

Gone are the days, where people can walk all over women, treating them with inferiority. You know that, which means you won’t take anyone’s bullshit, especially when it comes to being respectful of you, or someone you know. You aren’t afraid to call someone out for their crap, and will not put up with injustice. Even if it heats things up. You go, girl!


3) You know that it’s not selfish, arrogant, or even self indulgent to put your life, your career ahead of what is expected of you.

You’re often, if not always boggled at how our society works. Parents, who for the most part of our early lives, tell us to strive hard and work for our dreams, are perfectly willing to pressurize us into ‘settling down’- in exchange of- at the cost of- our ambitions. You know, that putting your work ahead of all these hedonistic demands of the society, is not only fine, but also feministic.


4) You’re not apologetic for being ‘bossy’ or ‘too demanding’ when it comes to your professional and personal life.

If a male counterpart is ‘bossy’- it’s marked as a sign of intimidation. A woman doing the same is marked as a sign of whining and attention seeking. You, Ma’am, are absolutely comfortable with your position as a boss, and wouldn’t spare two cents upon what people make of it. You’re aware of your capabilities and flaws- but you like having the final say. Even in your personal life, you have no problem dealing with crises upfront, even if it means addressing the elephant in the room, because you know that you’ll be saving a lot of trouble in the future.


5) The word ‘no’, is probably your best friend. And you know what? You love it.

Last time you checked, it was a free country. You have no issues saying ‘no’, to some of the outrageous demands that have been made to you- reconciliation with a pathetic ex, being forced to watch copious amounts of war movies, borrowing and lending money-to someone who’ll probably never pay you back. It’s sad how everyone expects you to say yes, out of the ‘ goodness of your heart’. Only- you know your limits, and you know where to draw the line. And, honestly, there is nothing wrong with that!


6) Those damned things called-‘love’ and ‘relationships’- gahh!

You want great things out of your life- even when it comes to your personal front. So, dating isn’t a foreign concept. You take into account the likes and dislikes of a person, their nature and then decide if you want to continue- because you will, at no cost, make hasty decisions. You know, that it is absolutely okay to terminate a relationship if things aren’t working out, genuinely. You don’t gasp, and clutch at your heart, every time you hear the words ‘divorce’ and/or ‘separation’. You’re logical and practical- but it doesn’t mean you’re not heartbroken. But, you won’t tolerate infidelity, and certainly not abuse- you’ve been raised better than that.


7) You hate the drama surrounding most everything which makes you seem insensitive, but you just process things differently.

Contrary to popular belief, you actually hate drama. You’d rather analyse the problem, rather than cry about it. You’d rather face the facts, than insinuate. Though, you don’t deal with emotions well, you are, again- contrary to popular belief- always there for someone in need. You provide a different kind of support- a logical standpoint, maybe. You may be deemed insensitive, but you also know, it’s these emotional idiots that need the most guidance and advice- and as “stone cold” as you may be, it’s always you, who gives it.





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