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Safest Cities for Women To Work In

Safest Cities for Women To Work In

Safest Cities for Women To Work InNo wonder that Delhi is the worst of all and Mumbai is the best. But what about the other career hotspots like Bangalore, Chennai or Pune?


So you are close to complete your graduation and cannot wait to be independent. Your every cousin sister, friends’ siblings and neighbor are making it quite big in other cities and you are dying to land in another state alone with a new job and a new life. Obviously, that is so captivating that you always daydream about that new life. But then there are your parents and the newspaper news articles who make you ponder over the security issues. Reality bites. Of course, your associates are safe, but still there are a couple of them who have narrated their brief nightmares. You no longer know that this idea of relocating to another state or city for career is at all good or not.

Here’s a list of the top metro cities in India in the order of their safety quotient –



The safest place for any woman, Mumbai can be hated for its crowd, squalor or traffic, but one cannot hate the people of this city of warmth. Women freely move around the streets even after 7-8 in the evening without feeling vulnerable. The public transport system is pretty people-friendly unlike Delhi or Bangalore where you, every time, have to hire an auto alone.



This southern city might be a bit conservative than the ultra-modern Mumbai, but it never fails to make the women who are new to the city feeling safe and secured. It’s just you need to be safe with your gold or other precious jewelleries. Otherwise nothing invites big trouble.



In Bangalore, it’s better to play a bit safe than totally trusting the stranger drivers of auto rickshaw or taxi. Though otherwise safe, you need to make sure that the driver of your auto rickshaw is not intoxicated. Eve teasing is pretty common here, but the common people who are nice and supporting will make your living less-threatened.



A rising name in the most desired career destination for working women in India, Pune, according to the newcomers are quite protected and safe to live in. Some women regularly have to return from the work late at night and there are hardly any reports about any violence. So it might not be the safest, but, obviously, safer than other metro cities.


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5 to 6 years back, Ahmedabad was considered to be safer cities for working women. But after some recent happenings and regular ‘stray’ incidents over the last few years, the city has almost lost its ‘safe’ tag.



Though it may not have greater scopes for career, Kolkata, as a city for working women is not unsafe compared to the worst names like Delhi etc. The number of working women is rising every year by thousands and the streets remain more or less crowded even after 9 or 10.


So as now you know about the cities and their safety quotient, choose your location wisely when you will be asked to make a career choice. If you differ with any of these, do share your views with us and make others aware of it.


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