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How celebrities do it – fitness secrets

How celebrities do it – fitness secrets

How celebrities do it - fitness secrets


WomenNow tells you the celeb’s fitness regimes to get in shape and to be healthy – do it just like them knowing this fitness secrets!


Deepika Padukone

How celebrities do it - fitness secrets
Her fitness regime starts at 6 am with a small walk or yoga for about half an hour. Her fitness trainer Yasmin helps her with pilates and stretching exercises. Pilates is a great way to stay in shape and maintain flexibility. When travelling, she sticks to light weight gymming. Following a strict diet, the actress eats after a gap of every 2 hours, including lots of fresh fruits and juices. Other than this, dancing is a way of stress relief and exercise for the actress.


Bipasha Basu

How celebrities do it - fitness secrets
For a fab body like hers, it is important to stick to a disciplined lifestyle and workout. Her fitness regime includes jogging on the treadmill, cycling and using a cross trainer for cardio. Each for 20 minutes. Bipasha is known for gymming regularly. In a given week, the day one is for the upper body, day two for an abs workout, day three is for the lower body and legs and day four for glutes regime. The fifth day is a repetition of the upper body workout while the sixth consists of abs and glutes. Bipasha does not eat any fast foods and is a very conscious eater. She eats a lot of home-cooked Bengali food. Egg whites, green tea and fish are her staples. The actress is known to alternate her workout with kick boxing.


Isha Sharvani

If you’re looking for a hatke workout, it can’t get as diverse as this. Known for her radiant skin, the actress is trained in kalaripatayu and other dance forms. She starts with some basic yoga, then moves to Kerelite martial arts for strength training. Later, she practices her dance forms. She is also trained in rope Mallakhamb, which too attributes to her fitness and agility. She is mostly a vegetarian with only egg whites permitted four times a week. She, however, doesn’t mind indulging in snacks with tea.

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