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Changing disposable diapers – Step by step guide

Changing disposable diapers – Step by step guide

No matter what kind of disposable diaper you choose for your baby, it is always important for the parents to learn how to change the diapers properly. Changing diapers involves two processes basically. The first process is removing the diaper and the second process is putting on a diaper once again. Here in this article, we shall find some quality information on changing diapers of the kids.

Changing disposable diapers – Step by step guideDiaper Changing – Getting Prepared

Wash your hands thoroughly before you start changing diaper of your baby. This will save your baby from any possible chances of infections or skin related irritations. It is also important to make your hand pat dry before you handle the diaper. Many people make mistakes – after washing hands, they do not bother about making their hands dried. Now, setup a comfortable and clean area, where you will keep your baby. It is always good to keep baby on a soft surface, like bed. Some moms also use tables for the ease of changing diapers. However it does not really matter whether you choose bed or table – all that matters is the place has to be hygienic and comfortable for your baby.

Things That You Need

Gather all the required things before you start changing the diaper of your baby. Here is the list of things that you need for your baby:

  • A clean disposable diaper
  • Wash cloths/baby wipes for cleaning the baby. Make sure that the wash cloth is fresh and hygienic.
  • A soft wash cloth/towel for drying the baby
  • Skincare cream for your baby if your baby is prone to nappy rashes
  • A plastic bag to dispose the present diaper temporarily

Removing the Dirty Diaper

Here, the process of removing dirty diaper has been explained – Keep reading:

  • Lay your baby on the bed over a fresh and dry towel


  • Up next, you have to pull down the front portion of the dirty diaper. This is the first step of removing a dirty diaper.


  • Now the front half of the diaper has to be used for cleaning your baby’s hip and thigh areas.


  • Now, after cleaning, you need to fold the diaper in half under your baby. In order to do this, you have to lift your baby’s bottom a little.


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  • Clean your baby well and pat dry with towel/dry wash cloth in order to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. If your baby’s skin has acquired rashes, you must apply the creams or ointments, as per doctor’s advice.


  • Next, you need to lift your baby a little again and then clean the back side or back portion of your baby.


  • After cleaning your baby, keep him at the lifted position for a while, and remove the diaper completely from his back.

Putting a New Diaper

Putting a new diaper is also as easy as removing a dirty diaper. Here is the process:

  • Lay your baby on the diaper – make sure half of the diaper goes under the back of your baby.
  • Now fold the diaper and drag the front portion of the diaper.
  • Now lift the left and right half of the diaper and join with the front part of the diaper.

This is the simple way of putting a disposable diaper. Maintain all safety measures while changing the diaper of your kid. Keep your baby healthy and hygienic.

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