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Dental health of your baby – 6 top tips

Dental health of your baby – 6 top tips

Regular brushing of your baby’s teeth is essential for good dental hygiene but your bay’s teeth need much more than just regular cleaning to stay spotless and healthy. Given below are five ways by which you can ensure that your baby’s teeth stay healthy for life.


  1. Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential ingredients which are responsible for maintaining the strength of our teeth. One should start right from a young age, thus giving your baby adequate quantities of vitamins and minerals will ensure that her teeth are laid on a strong foundation.

  1. Cut the sugar

It would be a really herculean task to completely cut off sugar from your baby’s diet but at least you can cut down on your baby’s sugar intake. Limit the consumption of store bought biscuits and cookies as they contain refined sugars. If you do want to give your baby biscuits, then try to give it with meals and give it not more than once or twice a day.


  1. Say cheese

If your baby has had a sugary snack and you are not in a position to clean your baby’s teeth then you can give him/her piece of cheese. Cheese besides being high in calcium also increases saliva production which helps in faster removal of cavity causing acids from the mouth.

  1. Reduce juice intake

Fruit juices are rich in sugar content and can contribute to tooth decay. One should not go overboard when giving juice to a baby. Do not use juice as tummy filler, instead offer limited amount of juice with meals. Offering juice in a watered down form cuts down its intensity, hence whenever you plan to give juice to your baby, give it in a diluted version.

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  1. No nighttime bottle feeding

Allowing your baby to go to sleep with a bottle in their mouth is a very wrong step. Drops from the bottle will remain for a long time in the mouth causing the acids to erode the enamel of the newly formed teeth. Even if your baby’s teeth have not been formed, it is still not a good idea to allow your baby to go to bed with a bottle as it is difficult to get a baby to get off this habit.

  1. Fluoride

Fluoride is good for babies and hence fluoride toothpastes should be given to babies when their tooth arrives. Remember to give not more than a tiny amount of fluoride until the time your child reaches the age of three. Even after the age of three, you shouldn’t give more than the required amount as excess of fluoride can cause fluorosis, that caused mottling of the teeth and in severe cases can even lead to tooth decay.

By following the tips given above, you can ensure that your baby’s teeth remain in a healthy condition and are not afflicted by the numerous tooth problems which children encounter regularly.

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