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Fear the cold winds? – Indoors date ideas

Fear the cold winds? – Indoors date ideas

The winters are here already and the very idea of going out on a date in this cold weather surely gives you are shiver owing to the chill in the wind. There is no point on letting winter spoil your love life as there are many things that you can plan indoor meaning you can spend some super-cozy moments with the love of your life without letting the freezing temperature affect you. Here are some ways by which you can celebrate the very romantic season of winter.

  • Plan an indoor picnic: Outdoor picnics might be fun but indoor picnics can be romantic and cozy. All you would need is a plush blanket to spread in your room, some cushions to throw around and a picnic basket with your favorite food and beverages. Play some nice romantic music in the player and dim the lights in your room. Do not forget to dance and keep your phone silenced, if possible.


  • Watch your favorite movies: There is nothing like watching movies with the love of your life wearing pajamas. Just grab a blanket and a tub of popcorn and of course, few CDs of your partner’s favorite movies, preferably rom-coms though you can watch any other movies as well like thrillers, mysteries etc.


  • How about a book date? This might sound a bit weird but this actually is a great idea, provided both of you share the hobby of reading books. And if you both are bookworms, this would turn out to be best date ever. Cover yourself and your partner in a blanket and cuddle up to each other while reading the same novel. As you finish the first chapter, talk about what all could happen next and treat the person who is right with his/her speculation (by treat we mean something sweet and naughty).


  • Cook and bake together: Winters are incomplete without hot coffee, warm brownies, cookies, soups and a lot more and nothing is more romantic than cooking together in the kitchen, no matter what it is. Help each other while making something like you can chop and whisk and your partner can make the baking tray ready and in between you can share hugs and naughty things to add more flavors to your dishes.


  • Play games: By games, we mean indoor games and that can anything starting from chess to video games. Play something that both of like and this would be a great time to spend some quality cozy times together. You can play more than game as well and make sure that there is a treat for the person who wins.


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  • A hot bath: An erotic hot bath is something that you surely must try with your partner, this winter. Take an appointment with the local spa or your own bathtub is good enough to spark up your love life. Just fill it up with some warm water and add some scented soap. Decorate with few candles and get a bottle of champagne to set the perfect mood for the rest of the night.


It is not necessary to move out of the home to get a change. Whenever, the kids are out for school, or sleeping in their rooms, steal some time for yourself and make your relationship stronger by using these tips.

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