First love: Why is it the most beautiful one?

First love: Why is it the most beautiful one?

First love: Why is it the most beautiful one?

Sweaty palms, red ears, tingling in the stomach – for the person who is in love for the first time, the world is the head. Nothing works. Eating, sleeping, thinking of something else? Impossible! The first love catches us with skin and hair. Fancy a little nostalgic raptures, thinking of your first love?


 A Few good reasons 

  • The first love is still so gorgeous inexperienced. The love is with all its secrets ahead the couple.


  • There are thousands of firsts: The first meeting, the first kiss, the first declaration of love, the first time longing and missing, the first reconciliation.


  • You are completely surprised when you suddenly feel the butterflies in your stomach – a dazzling feeling.


  • Red ears, sweaty palms – never again you are so wonderfully uncertain.


  • First love is only once. It sets the standards for the following relationships.

First love: Why is it the most beautiful one?

  • “Will you go with me Yes – No -. Perhaps” Never again provides a small list for so much excitement.


  • The first time someone loves us for who we are (someone who is not mom and dad). This is a mega booster for the ego, you’ll never forget.


  • If you love the first time, is still completely unburdened by negative experiences. You really think, “Forever!”


  • All thoughts only revolve around the loved one. And suddenly it does not matter what others think and say.


  • Stammering, stuttering, if it is there, it leaves you speechless.


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