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Healthy Breakfast Options for Working Women

Healthy Breakfast Options for Working Women

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If you are a working woman living in India, you probably understand what I mean when I talk about the mini-marathon I go through every morning so as to reach office on time.

Let’s be honest, working women often skip their breakfast. But did you know that a healthy breakfast is the most vital meal of the day? And especially if you are a hard working woman.

Enlisted below are some of my personal favorite and quick-to-prepare breakfast choices. Hope you will also love to kick-start your day with the same because these a.m. starters, besides being too yummy, contain all essential health-ingredients.

  1. Cereal Topped with Fruits:

A simple and fast plus easy to prepare breakfast recipe is wheat grain cereal. You can take it with skimmed milk alone or can make it more nutritious by adding freshly chopped fruits you like the most. It is a much healthier breakfast option than having Aloo Paratha (favorite food in most Indian families).

  1. Egg Bhurjee:

Popularly known as ‘Anda Bhurjee’ in India, it will give you a perfect start for a busy day ahead. To improve the taste and nutritional value of this dish, you can add French or home-made cheese (paneer) or some veggies like peas, boiled potatoes, carrots, capsicum etc. Depending on your taste buds or time availability, you can have it with paratha or Indian Naan Bread.

Do not mix it with scrambled eggs, that’s a very far food item. So, if you want a spicy yet healthier breakfast, choose to cook Indian-style eggs such as bhurjee, masala omelet or an egg sandwich etc prepared in little oil. It will certainly satisfy your urge.

  1. Upma:

If you are bored of the daily intake of oats or cereals then you must try Upma. Made out of Semolina (Suji), this South Indian and Tamil breakfast dish can easily be ready in a few minutes.

I prefer to add milk to make it more soft, tasty and healthy. As per your choice, you can add vegetables to make it a true power punch for the day till lunch. You can either make it with dry roasted semolina or can also use coarse rice flour.

  1. Vegetable Gram Flour (Besan) Toast:

Sweet French toast is my kid’s all-time favorite but I love their savory version. Yes, whenever I run out of time I quickly whip a batch of gram flour (besan) toast. To make it little healthier, I add up some grated carrots. I love these vegetable besan toast to the core.

I preferably use brown bread because is low fat and gluten-free. This minimizes the likelihood of health problems.

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  1. Porridge (Daliya):

Commonly known asDaliya’ in Indian households, porridge is one of the lightest and the healthiest dishes making it an excellent breakfast option. After corn flakes mixed in milk, I found this unrefined wheat or daliya is the best choice to maintain my good health.

Full of fibers and complex carbohydrates, you can make it in jiffy. I usually add nuts and it becomes far tastier.


These deliciously healthy breakfast options will surely boost your energy. Nothing can beat the tone better that healthy breakfast foods set for the rest of the day. Never forget to refuel your body in the morning with this much-needed nutrition and energy.

Hope you will try out these nutritious breakfast recipes. Do let me know how these turn out for you.

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