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Ideal Dimensions For Your Brows

Ideal Dimensions For Your Brows

eyebrowThere is no universal brow form that could suit every women the equal way. Due to our unique face shape and additionally to our eyeform, everyone of us has a brow that suits just her individually. You maybe know from your own experience that nevertheless, the natural growth is not always ideal and must be optimized in most cases, so that the hairs can develop their great effect.

Basically the form should be based on the natural direction of the growth of your brows. If the hair naturally grows in rather a flat line,  is that usually also the form that affects most harmoniously.
Nevertheless, there are a few overarching guidelines that will help you in correcting your own form.

First level of the eyebrows at the beginning (nose): 0.4 to 1 cm
2nd overall length of the eyebrows: 4,5 – 5 cm
Third length of the rising part of brewing: 3 – 3.5 cm
4 length of the falling brewing sheet: 2 – 2.5 cm

So far, so good – but despite the many numbers is still plenty of room in the eyes correction. Where exactly should as the highest point of the brow are?

Since they are based on nose and eyes, the result is quite individually and adapted to the unique proportions of a face. A spatula or a transparent ruler is ideal to set the start.

A) Just  hold the transparent ruler perpendicular to place up to eyebrow – with the approach about the middle to the outer edge of the nostril. The eyebrow should start where the end of the blade touches the eyebrow.

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B) Then place the Ruler from the outer edge of the nostril along the outer corner of the eye. The ideal end of the eyebrow is at the point where the brow meets the ruler.

C) After that step place the ruler at the right outside of the iris perpendicularly upwards. The apex of the eyebrow should be where the spatula and the eyebrow are crossing.

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