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Just Engaged? An Ultimate Wedding Prep Kickstart Checklist For The Bride-To-Be!

Just Engaged? An Ultimate Wedding Prep Kickstart Checklist For The Bride-To-Be!

Just Engaged? An Ultimate Wedding Prep Kickstart Checklist For The Bride-To-Be!

Firstly congratulations! The engagement period is definitely the most cherishable period of your life. Honestly, you have to celebrate this because it is a huge deal. As soon as the things start to sink in you’ll realize that your wedding is just months away. There’s a lot to be done. Of course, our parents will take care of all the huge wedding preps like the venue, finances etc. Still, there will be a few things which you might have to take care of. Though it might seem like you have a lot of time in your hands, you’ll not notice how the time will slip away. That’s why you need to kick start the wedding preps so that you don’t forget anything.

Just Engaged? An Ultimate Wedding Prep Kickstart Checklist For The Bride-To-Be!

Well, you might think that what’s the need to rush, all the things can be done within last month. True, but the thing is you are a bride and you must enjoy the wedding functions instead of running here and there in frenzy preparing for things. It is a better option to kick-start the preps beforehand so that you don’t have panic attacks when the wedding date is nearby. Run along these few things which we think are important for the bride to start with

Create A Timeline Of Things To Do

When you have a wedding in 6 months you have to get serious about the planning stuff. Start by creating a list of things to do. There might be a gap of months in between your engagement and wedding so fill in the calendar with the tasks to be accomplished in every week/month. Here’s an example of simple checklist you can start with:


6 months to go-

Decide the date, time and venue for the wedding. Consider the possibility of a destination wedding as well. Think about all the other functions like a bachelorette party, sangeet, mehendi etc.

Booking venues for all the functions and wedding.

Prepare a draft of the guest list. Write down the names of friends you would like to invite and the one you would like to skip.

5 months to go­-

Just Engaged? An Ultimate Wedding Prep Kickstart Checklist For The Bride-To-Be!

Once the venue is set, look for caterers, photographers, videographers etc.

Setting the theme for the wedding.

Start looking for the wedding outfits and the wedding trousseau.

Take trials for the makeup artist and then finalize the best one.

4 months to go-

Send save-the-date cards to the guests.

Start finalizing the outfits and jewelry.

Hire decorators for the décor.

Start the beauty routines.

And so on for the last three months as well…

This way you can ensure you don’t forget anything and have a successful wedding.

Start The Research

Just Engaged? An Ultimate Wedding Prep Kickstart Checklist For The Bride-To-Be!

Now, what’s the need for research in a wedding? Of course, there is a need. As a bride you want the best for your wedding and when you want the best you need to know everything before you choose the best. You have to start the research for what’s exclusive and trending for the season. You need to research for the best outfits, the wedding trousseau, the stage décor ideas, the wedding theme, the makeup trends etc. You’ll also have to research how to get the best vendor and also to cut the costs while getting the best.


Start Saving For The Wedding

There’s not much needed to say about this because everyone has planned and kept aside a certain amount for the wedding. But just because you are engaged you can’t set aside the saving thing. Keep on saving a bit of money so that you can use it whenever needed. You may need the money to buy presents for your fiance and trust me when you use your own money to gift the present for your better half you’ll feel so proud of yourself. You can even sort out your own little expenses like salon appointments, makeup, dresses and stuff that you might need when you go out on a date with your fiancé.

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Shortlist The Venue, Theme And Décor Ideas

We know that most of the times these things are taken care by our parents or elders. But it doesn’t hurt to have some ideas which you can suggest them for the wedding, does it? Being a girl you might have dreamt of so many things for your wedding, while not all the things we dream are possible or affordable in reality, there might be a few things which you can do. So you can collect such ideas and recommend them to your parents. If you pre-plan this then you’ll have enough time to incorporate the elements. Although you also have to take note of the fact that your wedding planner might change the ideas as well.


Taking Care Of The Skin And Setting A Beauty Regime

Just Engaged? An Ultimate Wedding Prep Kickstart Checklist For The Bride-To-Be!

Who doesn’t want to look the prettiest and have the perfect skin for their wedding? Every bride and groom do. For you to get the perfect skin you have to start taking care of your skin from now itself. Yes, makeup can cover every imperfection but the thought of having a perfect skin is just too tempting. Never go out without having your sunscreen on, even if it is winter (In India, of course). Start eating more greens and healthy food to have a glowing skin. Drink as much water you can. Visit a dermatologist and dentist to look at your problem areas and start working on them. And lastly, don’t forget to give home remedies a try because they are the best.


Start Workout Or Join A Body Toning Class

C’mon, who can give up the chance of looking sexy in all those wedding sarees and outfits. After all, you do have someone now whom you would want to leave astonished by your looks. You might already be having the curves at the right places but the wedding is a huge affair and who knows, one day you might be tasting variety of food and the other day you might be so stressed that you won’t even have time or mood to have food which will affect your body and skin. Considering all of this, you can join the toning classes because it will really help you to have healthy skin and body.


Start Planning About Your Life After Marriage With Your Fiancé

The wedding is a lot to take in but we can’t forget the fact that your life is going to take a huge turn once you are married. You’ll have to start living with husband and leave your parent’s house. If you are a job holder then you’ll have to take care of your career. You’ll have to talk it all out with your fiancé. A serious discussion is necessary when it comes to career and living after marriage.


Don’t Forget To Spare Time For Fun

Apart from all the wedding chaos, you also need to remember that these are your last days as a bachelor. You are never going to get these back because believe it or not bachelor life is the best as married life comes with its own set of responsibilities. So amidst all these pool of tasks don’t forget to have fun with your family, friends and cousins. Arrange a bachelor party and enjoy as much as you can, book spa dates with your friends, spend quality time with your parents and plan romantic dates with your fiancé.


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