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Long distance relationship: How to Use social media effectively?

Long distance relationship: How to Use social media effectively?

Long distance relationship - stay connected

Long distance relationship - stay connected

While technology can’t still teleport you to your best friend, it can do wonders to keep the spark alive in your long distance relationship. WomenNow has the list for you.


Don’t call, try Viber

Long distance international calls are always hefty on the pocket. But, you can now curb the hefty phone expenses with Viber. Call, text and send photos worldwide to other Viber users internationally for free. The app works on almost all devices from Blackberry to iPhone and Android. So you and your best friend can now stay connected, freely.

Turn the heat up at Skype

Long distance relationship - stay connected
Missing your best friend’s company over your favourite show? Send her an e-invite for the next time it airs on the TV. Turn on Skype, bring in your bucket full of popcorns and watch the show together. As the many commercials start to pour away, catch up on your day.


Stay connected with WhatsApp

If your dearest is offshore and your texting plan is exhausted, here’s an international texting app that works across cross-platforms. Forget SMS’s as you can now chat all day, without spending a dime and even invite your other friends for group chats.


Create a visual recount of memories on Pinterest

Long distance relationship - stay connected
Add a digital scrapbook filled with all your sweet relationship memories on Pinterest. The virtual pin board allows organising and sharing of all eye-catching things you may find over the net. Create a board, add your buddy as a contributor and you both can pin photos and visual sweet nothings.

Enjoy these tips for making a long distance relationship stronger and better day by day!

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