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Love Yourself Now & Embrace Happiness Forever

Love Yourself Now & Embrace Happiness Forever

Love Yourself Now & Embrace Happiness Forever

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else does – that makes you a winner right there.” ~ Venus Williams

Love Yourself Now & Embrace Happiness Forever

Most of us believe in the concept of being loved by someone special whose love will complete you. Of course, there is no doubt that love completes us. But is it wise to depend so much on somebody else for making you complete? What if that person takes a longer time to appear in your life? Or what if (for the worst of it) you two one day fall out of it (I tell you, human brains are the most hard-to-understand things in this universe)? So will you turn in complete once again until you find another person to remove that “in” thing from the word and from your life? How long wills this in out in go on? Are you so weak that all your happiness, entity, existence etc. depend on people whose stay in your life itself is as uncertain as the weather up there in mountains?

Why not taking charge of it? Believe me, it’s not that tough. Plus, loving yourself will set you free from the burden of expectation and anticipation, forever. So do you love yourself?

NO??? Can you figure out what is stopping you from loving yourself? Is that too much of self-loathing or just your low self-esteem or an inferior feeling when you compare yourself with others? Are you too upset with your life or career, or are you too concerned about others’ and their success sometimes haunts you?

Do you often think “see, how lucky everyone is!” looking at their Facebook profiles and their latest trip-to-Amsterdam album? Are you sure these “lucky people” are not facing any hardship in their life? Remember, we all have our share of good and bad when it comes to life. But as you post your best photos ONLY on Facebook, so they put up the best moments of their lives and share it with the world. That does not mean their entire life is an easy cakewalk

Reasons why you should love yourself

Love Yourself Now & Embrace Happiness Forever

  1.  Nobody is perfect. We all have drawbacks, even the super handsome Shahruhk Khan too. What’s important is to embrace your drawbacks (without being proud of it) and work towards changing them.


  1. When you love yourself, it becomes easier to understand if someone does not love you enough. Otherwise, you will consider the ill treatment as something normal.


  1. In order to be loved by everyone, you are making a big time compromise with yourself by trying to please every next person. Spare yourself the trouble.


  1. Needing love is essential in life, but needing someone else’ validation for a living is a suicidal thing.


How to start loving yourself?

Love Yourself Now & Embrace Happiness Forever

  1.  Sign out of Facebook for a while. Put the earphones on. Play your Favourite playlist. Go for a walk or a jog.


  1. Practice Yoga. Join meditation classes. It cleanses out the toxins from your mind, body and soul.


  1. Give yourself a makeover. Cook yourself a fabulous meal. Go out and give yourself a high-calorie treat (once in a while).


  1. Read. Stories or poems or literature. Build up new hobbies. Go for hiking up in the mountains.


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