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Make love everyday – Top 8 reasons

Make love everyday – Top 8 reasons

A busy work life or stressed family life, there are ample of reasons for not indulging in a regular sex. But there are definitely many benefits of having sex on a daily basis. This is why we thing: Make love everyday!

wall-416062_640A good night’s sleep

It has been experienced that a post sex sleep is the best one. Our body is mechanized in such a way that a type of hormone namely oxytocin is released while having sex which helps in healing different types of pain like headaches and PMS in case of women. The morning after such sleep gives the body an overall coverage and relieves it of stress, tiredness and daily ailments and at the same time lifts the spirits of both body and mind.

Boosts confidence

Sex helps a lot in getting to know your partner and develops the confidence about an individual’s body. It also aids in the process of exploring each other in a better way and bringing a couple closer and connected.

A Fun Workout

Yes, you read it right, sex is indeed a kind of workout, it is said that a good sex can burn up to 100 calories, like a 15 minutes run on the treadmill and at the same time sex is definitely fun. This is the best type of physical activity to pamper oneself.

A secret to Beauty

How you often find newly-wed couples glowing like they never did ever wondered the reason behind same, a healthy sex life not only has health benefits but also provides beauty benefits. The increase in blood flow level gives the skin the required nourishment which in turn gives the skin a glow and shine. So, why waste so much on expensive beauty products when your partner can help you enhance your beauty.

Ingredient for a soft and lively skin

Making love gives out a type of essential oil known as linoleic acid which is usually found in a nature like the Olive oil. This oil gives the skin the required nutrition and moisture leaving it looking plum and healthy.

Keeps the Young Quotient

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A healthy sex life gives the body a rejuvenating effect and makes both the body and mind feeling light, it takes of the stress and tiredness off the face and reducing the chances of looking frail. As it has the power to boost the body’s immunity many diseases like cancer and heart problems can be avoided.

Prescription to a stress free life

Now-a-days the fast pacing lifestyle has taken a toll upon an individual’s body, with increasing load of work and tensions, stress has taken the center stage. Experiencing a good sex is beneficial for both the partners as sex is termed as the natural stress buster, a quick activity in the bed would definitely give a huge release to the loaded stress.

Exchange of happiness

Sex is a fun job, experiment, start enjoying the whole process and give the time your partner or spouse need by indulging each other into this exciting activity. Relive the fun in your relationship and spice up the lost spark.

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