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Open Secrets for Women’s Relationships

Open Secrets for Women’s Relationships

Young Happy Girl Kissing A Guy With Painted Red Lips Sign Over Gray BlackboardYou can get confused once you are in a relationship. We’ll let you know several open secrets about relationships. These are such things which all women know, but never pay attention to them. Most women have gone through such circumstances, where they act emotionally even if it is not required. It may be the case that women no more live for themselves. If she lives for herself, she will not suffer.


Make yourself busy:

If you engage yourself in activities that don’t relate to your partner, you will not be worried about what he is doing in his office. You need to create your own personal space. No doubt your partner is a very important part of your life, but let him be just a part of life, not the life itself. Spend your personal time in the activities you love to do.
Everything needs some space, some separate time. Whether it is you or your husband, everybody needs time. Whenever you feel that your relationship is getting disturbed, give some space to yourself and also to your parents.

Be firm:

You may be hesitant to be a bit strong. But if you are, you will rock. I am not saying that impose conditions in relationship with your husband, but love him only when your own conditions are fulfilled. When a wife is physically abused, she makes compromises just because of her unconditional love. Do not retaliate, but ask for your rights in a decent way instead of just making compromises. Make him realize your importance in his life.

Make wise and timely decisions:

Many people are of the view that if you love someone, let him go. If that person is again in your life, it is ok. But if he doesn’t, he probably is not for you.
But I don’t agree with this. I think otherwise. Why do you base your life and your love on the decision of the one you love? Why do not you make a decision yourself? If he has left you, that was his call. Now you have to make a call that you would let him come back in your life or not. You need to make him realize that if he is in your life, it is your choice, not your need! This is the mistake most ladies make, and end up just weeping.

Never be jealous:

It is very sad that jealousy has become a trademark for ladies. Women are recognized by jealousy, very sad. Remember, unity is strength. We all are awesome in our own axis. So be confident about your abilities, and do not try to be somebody else.

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While I am telling all these useful tips to you, I do not know how I myself realized all these fundamentals. What is most important in a relationship is nothing but balance. You need to realize how much attention you are paying to your partner, and how much attention he is paying to you. If you want that no wife is physically abused, you need to stay firm and create your own personal space.

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