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The perfect honeymoon – low-cost destinations

The perfect honeymoon – low-cost destinations

The pre-wedding and post-wedding stress is over. You cannot take it anymore and you two deserve a break now. In fact, you have not yet felt the togetherness for being surrounded by the great grand Indian family. Hence, honeymoon! A period of exploring each other, spending a serene time in the arms of your spouse, slowly syncing in the feeling of being married, and getting ready to start a lifelong journey together set the mood of a perfect honeymoon. Now, as things have become really costly these days, most of the couples try not to burn their pockets in planning exotic honeymoons right after paying the bills of their marriage ceremony. So the search for affordable yet beautiful and not hugely crowded honeymoon destinations is very high.


Here, we are going to share with you the top 5 affordable honeymoon destinations you can easily keep an eye on

1. Bora Bora, France: Sea or mountain – the two obvious choices when it comes to choose a honeymoon destination. Bora Bora offers you both coupled with a sense of tranquility that hangs loose in the air. This French Polynesian Island in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by a beautiful coral reef and a lagoon, and two mountain peaks in the center which are actually the remnants of a dead volcano. Book your stay at any of the beach resorts and spend a leisurely period with your beloved looking at the turquoise water and spending the days of your life.


2. Krabi Island, Thailand: A recent honeymoon hotspot among many, Krabi is for a cruise destination. Considered to be still-a-virgin land, Krabi welcomes you to its world of uniquely shaped limestone rocks pecking out their heads from the topaz blue water. It only takes 1.10hrs to reach Krabi from Bangkok by plane. A cruise drive across the river and seashore or an idle evening walk in the beach let you catch a glimpse of its unusual maiden charm.

3. Ladakh: For those who find sea and water monotonous, Ladakh sets a perfect honeymoon destination. A cold dessert, a desolate rough landscape, those faraway snowcapped mountain peaks, the crystal clear lakes like Pangong Tso, a sense of solitude and the unbelievable altitude – Ladakh is the place for those who love to have a different experience, a tad bit of adrenaline rush in their honeymoon.

4. Kerala Backwaters: Fondly called as “God’s own country,” Kerala unveils beauty of a different dimension to its visitors. And, specifically, Kerala Backwaters is one of the hottest favorite honeymoon destinations for its backwater houseboats. Book your stay in one of those beautifully curved houseboats, which will wander through the lagoons, mangrove lanes and canals. Only two of you in a beautiful houseboat amidst a peaceful atmosphere. Could it be more perfect?

5. Andaman & Nicobar: This beautiful honeymoon spot offers you sea, sun and sand; white sand. From the out of the world Ross n Smith to the Jarawa islands, from deep sea scuba and snorkeling to ambrosial sea food festivals – Andaman is perfect for a honeymoon full of fun and exciting activities.

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Don’t forget booking your honeymoon early enough since you will save a lot of money!

Happy Honeymoon!

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