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How to be the Perfect Woman Every Man Dreams Of?

How to be the Perfect Woman Every Man Dreams Of?

How to be the Perfect Woman Every Man Dreams Of?

How to be the Perfect Woman Every Man Dreams Of?

Every girl wants to know the definition of a perfect woman, the dream of every man. The kind of woman every man would love to date. From a teenager to a lady, every girl spends most of her life counting her points against the chart of ‘perfect-woman-traits.’ They count their haves and have-nots. But, at the end of the day, it is against human nature to change itself overnight. One can definitely pretend to acquire all the qualities overnight, but that makes the woman far from being perfect, if not close to being pretentious. Then how to become that perfect woman? Trust me on this; it’s pretty simple and easy to do.

  • Be yourself:

    Yes, nothing attracts the masculine sex than women who are not afraid to be themselves. In fact, in a crowd of women who put all their efforts in being somebody else, you will eventually stand out.

  • Accept your flaws:

    You can only be yourself once you start accepting who you are. You cannot be you without your flaws and demerits. It can be your weakness, a scar on the forehead, your acnes or dark complexion. But all these things make you ‘you.’ Guys love the girls who know who they are, who know their negative features and still happy with themselves. That makes you brave and less insecure.

  • Speak your mind, thoughtfully:

    How to be the Perfect Woman Every Man Dreams Of?

    Contrary to popular belief that guys only love girls with a lovely face, guys tend to settle down with women who are not all beauty, no brain type. In fact, guys hate girls who can only discuss about makeup, fashion and rom-coms. So if you love to discuss politics or chess, go ahead. Speak your mind; just try not to make a comment in haste that you may regret later.

  • Appreciate without overdoing it:

    If you are seeing someone, of course, you appreciate quite a few things about him. And you show your appreciation by liking his posts or agreeing to his views. But overdoing it only makes you desperate. In fact, be honest with your appreciation. If you disagree with him over something, say it politely. If the guy is scared to accept different views or opinions, you better move on.

  • Be independent:

    The best trait of the perfect woman is her independence. Whether it’s about paying your own bills or running your own business. Remember, only guys with insecurity issues or of weak personalities are intimidated by independent women.

  • Have a Life:

    How to be the Perfect Woman Every Man Dreams Of?

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    …of your own. It can be your office, your friends group or your own hobbies. That is your world and you spend quite a lot of time in your world. Why do guys love this? Because it will let them enjoy their ‘life’ and ‘world’ as well.

  • Understand love:

    Society feeds women with a weird concept of love where the girls are always the receiver and the boys the giver etc. But that is not how things work in reality. Love is not about holding hands while crossing the street or holding the chair when you sit. It’s about holding each other tight after a fight, holding hands when you are old. Once you understand the real meaning of ‘love,’ you will stop judging guys for their little un-manly mistakes.

Thus, you do not only become a perfect woman every man would love to date, but also a perfect partner in love and life.

Picture Courtesy: Instagram Account: jimmycruze

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