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The reason why your star sign gets dumped

The reason why your star sign gets dumped

The reason why your star sign gets dumped

The reason why your star sign gets dumped


These people are self-driven and very independent. They dislike a monotonous lifestyle. Aries looks at every relationship as a challenge and once they overcome the obstacles to win over their partner, they lose the spark. This is why initially they can be the cutest and the most charming that you can expect. Later on, it gets pretty frustrating for their partners to hold on to their attitude. Compromising with them is too much of an effort.


The reason why your star sign gets dumped

They appear to have forgiven and forgotten issues that have caused you to clash with them. But they actually hold grudges for too long. Their anger looms large for a very long period of time, which gets pretty annoying for their partners. They can compromise when it comes to keeping their relationship alive. But once they decide to come out of it, you cannot pull them back.


Flirting with people other than their partners is a very dominant trait of Geminis. These are very dominant characters who refuse to be someone’s puppet. They are very fond of open relationships and if their partners are pretty seriously involved, it is very difficult to see a future unless one is quite compromising with their characteristics.


The reason why your star sign gets dumped

Cancerians are pretty clingy and possessive to the extent that is suffocating on the partner. The deeper they get involved in the relationship, the more they intrude into their partner’s personal space. this is why it is difficult to hold on to them for a longer period of time.


They are very loyal to their partners but their pride and egoist nature make them want to prove themselves in the smallest of arguments. They need to prove themselves superior to everything else. This can drain out the energy of their partners and make them feel quite insignificant in the relationship.


They are very sceptical of even the slightest of things that might strike questions in their mind. Even the smallest of doubts may cause them to break all ties and move on. If you constantly fail to prove your loyalty to them, it is difficult maintain a healthy relationship.


The sun sign loves to boast of fixing people who they think might need help. This attitude makes them too judgemental and less appreciative of how their partner is. Quite often their partner refuses to accept the help they desperately want to provide which is why the relationship falls apart.


These people opportunistic, in the sense they aim at maximising their benefits: It can either be because they are sexually dissatisfied with their partners or that they want to advance their careers at the cost of their relationship. They do not forgive easily and remember the wrong done to them for a long period of time. In a relationship, they are extremely possessive and go green with jealousy. The extremities in their character make them difficult to bear with.


The reason why your star sign gets dumped

They tend to be very adventurous and have a lot of expectations of their partners. It gets difficult for their partners to please them all the time or meet what is expected of them. They are sociable by nature and can easily go astray if they lose interest in their partners.


They have trust issues. It takes a very strong-willed, dedicated person to break through and prove their love. A lot goes into proving your worth to enter into their lives. Not everyone can emotionally invest so much to make the relationship work.

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These people are very dominating and do not like being over- protected. They can be very blunt which might be hurtful at times. They can be very manipulative which can make a partner easily interpret him/ her as selfish or self- seeking.


Pisces find it difficult to let go of their past relationships quite easily. For someone new into a Piscean’s life, it is very difficult to get convinced of their love as they still long for their exes or someone hard to get. They are also quite blunt with regard to their fantasies which the partner may not appreciate quite sportily.



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