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Usages of ice cubes – That you never knew

Usages of ice cubes – That you never knew

Ice is not just the cubes of refreshment in the hot summer but this frozen water has its wonderful benefits from treating a burn to pain the different usage of ice cubes can leave you awestruck.

Pimple rescue

Acne and ice goes hand in hand, not only does it alleviates the skin but also prevents bacterial formation on the skin which is the root cause of acne.

Treats sun tan

Just like the lasting effect ice cubes has on fire burns in the same way it helps in getting rid of the sun tan, applying ice on the affected portion will reap instant relieve to the tan.

Relieves the eye stress

A hard day at work leaves the worst effect on the eyes, which results into puffiness and redness. The best way to get rid of such eye stress is by soothing the closed eyes with a continuous rub if ice.

A makeup substitute

You are in a hurry and have no time to go through the prolonged process of applying makeup? Then here is a trick, rub some ice all over the face once dry it leaves a shiny moisture effect on the skin making it look radiant and fresh.

Helps with an effortless eyebrow plucking

Ice helps in numbing, this particular technique comes handy while plucking the eyebrows. Once the area around the eyebrow is numbed with ice then plucking off the strand becomes less painful, also it helps to soothe the skin after the whole process.eye-117034_1280

Removes chewing gum easily

Getting a gum stuck in the hair or clothes leaves us in utter confusion and in the process either we cut of the portion of the gum induced hair or keep on washing the clothes over and over again until it leaves of a stain in the cloth. The best way to get rid of such dilemma is to rub some ice cube in the area and as the gum hardens easier it becomes to get rid of it.

Cures burns and blisters

Ice cubes are best used in curing burns be it fire or sun, fire burns can be dangerous and the instant remedy to such burn is to dab some good amount of ice on the affected portion.

Reduces muscle pain

This is a grandmother remedy known by most of us and is done as an instant relief, ice being the cooling agent helps in easing muscle pain, sprain and irritation.

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Retains the texture of the rice on reheating

Reheating a rice can make it taste rough, putting an ice cube over the bowl rice while heating helps in retaining the moisture in the rice and make it taste soft and fresh.

Clears away wrinkles

The best way to get an instant relief from a wrinkled clothing is to rub a piece of ice, coated in a cloth and then iron it off, the wrinkles can be removed in a jiffy.

Gets rid of Splinters

A stuck splinter can be very painful and pulling out the same can leave a person with severe pain, the best way to get rid of splinters is to apply ice cubes in the splinter stuck area and make the area go numb, once done the splinter can be easily plucked out with the help of tweezers.

Acts a fun activity

Ice cubes acts as a sex toy and can help in building a passion. The cold sensitivity enhances the passion, which can give you or your partner an utter satisfaction in bed.

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