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The 4 essential factors for a healthy relationship

The 4 essential factors for a healthy relationship


The relationship that anybody would desire is basically comprised of three or four spices mixed together. Friendship, trust, compatibility, likeness of mind are all that we need in a relationship to make it work, and off course extreme perseverance is the cherry to the cake. Everybody likes to see a strong couple who stand by each other in spite of all odds. It is a delight to see an extremely cute couple with all the love and affection and strength filled in the right amount.

The desire of any couple:

We all want the perfect relationships, with the right person, and with the same goals. Try to focus on what you want, and communicate that with your partner. If you want a fun and frolic one, do mention that to him. Also, if you have fallen in love with the nerd or the geek, do not expect him to be much fun. He will be funny and romantic in his bookish way, so too much of expectations doesn’t work. If you are the quiet and peaceful kinds, then too try and communicate that to your partner, because if there is no like mindedness between the two of you, a stable relationship is never possible.

The strength of a couple:

Any couple has to face a set of problems, and how well they do it, is a test of life. If the couple crashes, they mostly cease being together. Remember, the key to a happy relationship is perseverance and immense tenacity. Compromises and little sacrifices also do good. Communication is one important tool that never must be forgotten. Live and let the other person live. There is no need to crib, or nag, or suffocate your partner. Believe in the best of each other and watch each other grow. That will be magic.

Things that you could do with your partner:

Physical intimacy is not the only bonding that you should have with your partner. Learn to live together. Go out on morning walks, embrace the sunrise together. Make each other coffee and fulfill each other’s requirement without the opposite person asking for it. Plan holidays together, take your parents out on a vacation too. Read together, or just fall asleep, or probably cuddle. Go exercising together. Go shopping for each other. If all this is not enough, cook together. This list is pretty long to keep you busy for a very long time.

Ultimate relationship goals:

Keep faith in your partner, and never let him/her down. After few years of togetherness, love dies. What remains is friendship and companionship. Become good friends. Lend each other a hand. Happily coexist. Become each other’s favorite. Spend quality time together, and there will be no issues of making the relationship work out. Everything will fall into place, and you will enjoy the bliss of being together. Keep no secrets from your partner, and there will be no worry, and come what come may, stick together. Happy love hours !!

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