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Why social marriage in India absolutely sucks!

Why social marriage in India absolutely sucks!

Why social marriage in India absolutely sucks

Why social marriage in India absolutely sucks

Whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the custom of social marriage in India absolutely sucks.


While social marriage can still be considered good by the grooms and their families, it is the girls’ families who have to bear the burns the most. Of course, for billionaires, it is not a big deal. But for the upper-middle class, the burden can get too heavy on their shoulders.


  • Total chaos

Even if it’s a once in a while grand family get-together, but when you will wake up to a house full of relatives (some close and some faces are just never seen) shouting, laughing and destroying your peace of mind with your cosmetics and wardrobe, you will start cursing yourself. Forget about people using your towel or bathroom without asking for your consent.


  • Unnecessary expenses

So you have to buy 500 return gifts for the groom’s family and friends who have come to attend the wedding. 5kgs of finest Basmati rice along with other huge list of grocery items for the priests. 5 white clothes of which 3 remain unused. Sheer wastage of money everywhere.


  • Unwanted tension

Will the caterer come in time? Hope they will not disappoint guests with the food? Is there any backup-drivers’ list prepared? What’s wrong with the shehnai CD? Hope the maid will not be absent today. Who is going to bring the groom? Are not these enough to explode a human brain?


  • Weird rituals

Why social marriage in India absolutely sucks

Instagram Account: ashish.langade

If you are the bride and you have some issues in your birth-chart, be ready to face some of the weirdest experiences like getting married to a banyan tree first etc. Forget about the fasting rule or throwing rice behind as a means of paying back your parents’ loan. Like, who made these inhumane rules?


  • A cold war

Between your family and the groom’s family. Count me on this. This is something not to be seen, but to be felt. The cold vibes both parties will throw at each other can even give US and Russia a tough competition.


  • Forever grumpy guests

Yes. No matter how perfect and grand the total arrangement is, these guests will never like the food or the reception or, maybe, the floor marbles of the wedding hall.


  • Cynical in-laws

The groom’s family will be more than happy to find even the most trivial fault from your end. And the moment they find one, be ready to deal with the so-that’s-all-you-can-do looks and remarks.


  • Jewellery, Bong-way

Why social marriage in India absolutely sucks

Instagram Account: ashish.langade

Gold. This undying fascination of some particular communities no matter how far the market price goes up. And what’s the outcome of spending 10-20 lakhs (no upper limit) on the exotic necklace or bangles? As you buy those, you lose your peaceful sleep forever in the fear of robbers, burglars or snatchers.

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  • Lingual issues

Do you understand Sanskrit? The wedding mantras? That Saptapadi sloka i.e. the seven vows? Do you even know the promises you two are making together? Then what’s the point of that gibberish?


  • Intrusive photography

The most annoying part, probably. You are not shooting for a film for which you have to give 3 takes. And those constant flashlights. But non-intrusive photography is more than welcome. After all, who would not like to be photographed on the D-day?

Now, having said that we cannot disagree on that exception happens everywhere. These points are just collected from years of experience in attending weddings and analyzing the scenarios.


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