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5 signs showing your relationship is at a breaking point

5 signs showing your relationship is at a breaking point

relationships and breakups
relationships and breakups
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Relationships, dating; these words create such a comfort in yourself that you feel on top of the world. We all like to have someone by our side, to call us every day, to send a loving good morning message or a goodnight kiss. But let’s face it, being in a relationship for years may have overshadowed the real essence and meaning of love. We all hate the word breakup, we try very hard to avoid that painful heartache, sleepless nights or the emotionally low feeling where you feel your world has just collapsed and has changed forever.

Here are five signs showing that you are reaching your breaking point in a relationship.

They don’t bother about you anymore

When a woman reaches her breaking point, the first sign that shows your relation is coming to an end is when the person no longer cares. When he/she would keep track of where you are, what you are doing, now he/she no longer cares: don’t ignore the signal, it’s your wake up call!

Complains and blame takes over

Another factor is when you no longer feel good or feel happy about that person. When you no longer have that special feeling you use to have in the beginning. Every time, a relationship just began, both partners feel proud of each other, they want to know more and are curious to discover more and to please their partner. But as time passes by, these small romantic gestures lose their effect. When the person doesn’t treat you the same way he/she did before, when you feel you have to make an effort to please them or to make them appreciate yourself, then you must know your relationship will either become a struggling one or its just over.

You no longer feel that initial sense of belonging

Before you use to have the feeling you belonged with one another. The person used to share everything with you, used to trust you and tell you everything. But nowadays he/she no longer cares; they don’t even share how their day went by. The person no longer gives you the same attention and care he/she used to. The person has stopped making the first move, and it’s you who constantly has to call or text or even start a conversation. Before the person was telling you his whole schedule for the day, or even used to bring you to parties or anywhere with his or her friends. But now, the person doesn’t even ask or doesn’t even inform where he/ she is heading. Well, my dear, its time you sit and think about your love relationship.

When fights are more than romance

Usually, in the start, there may not be a lot of fights, but with time you might see that each time you say something or even suggest an idea, the whole conversation turns into a fight. You no longer have the space to express yourself or your partner does not listen to your point of view. A healthy relationship includes compromises, but when it becomes a habit or a need to listen and follow what your partner says, then it’s time for you to come out of the pinkish lovely world and face reality.

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When the future looks blurry

A healthy relationship is when both partners have mutual dreams and goals that include oe another. When both partners have an excellent communicative bond, where they can say a lot to each other without words, or even understand each other. You should not find yourself in a relationship where each of you has different mind-sets or completely different outlooks in life.

Another factor which you should pay attention to is if your partner includes you in his/her future plans. When they don’t, do not waste your time with someone who doesn’t see you in their future life, or who just want to be with you for the time being, because one of the worst things in life is wasted time, wasted energy with someone who in the future will not consider you.

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