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Choosing the perfect wedding venue

Choosing the perfect wedding venue

Guest accommodationChoosing a wedding venue is as important as selecting a wedding dress or the right kind of makeup. Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding space for her ultimate day. It is place that encounters the whole marriage ceremony. The space should not only match your imagination but should also contain the necessity to make the guests go wow!

Here are some important tricks that will help you get the right kind of wedding banquet.

Make a thorough go-through before choosing:

Just because somebody says a particular place is good that doesn’t mean that the hall will suffice all your need. Don’t just blindly believe a wedding hall to be good by just browsing through pictures. If possible make a short visit and personally inspect the place. Make sure all the essentials needed are there in the hall.

Guest accommodation should be your priority:

A wedding encounters number of guests and it is very important to get a hall that serves the need of your guest. Make sure the wedding hall is spacious. Your guest will also include little children who would need space to run around also the older guests would need open space. Small and closed paces become dingy when crowded.

Try find out the number of guests on the list:


It is very important to know the number of the guests that are arriving in the venue, as it gives an idea about the accommodation you should opt for. Start the booking only after the guest count is finalized.

Take note of the facilities:

This is one important aspect while choosing a wedding hall. Check the lavatory, rest rooms, water facility, generator service and fire protections. Crowded place needs more protection than the usual one.

Try to bring the expense down:

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Wedding hall costs more than you would expect. If a particular place says that they don’t negotiate feel free to do so. Remember it is your hard earned money that you are spending.

Clear confusions, if any:

If you have any sorts of query feel free to ask the management of that hall. Like the lighting facility, water installations, air conditioning, sitting arrangements or any other last minute details. Clearing your confusions will help you get a better idea of what you are up to.

Make a written contract:

As a vigilant customer it is very important that you get things finalized on paper and not just on words. Note down every details that they have promised to provide you so that in the later course things don’t get harsh and ugly. Better safe than sorry.

While choosing a wedding hall make sure you opt for a place closer to your home. It will be easy for you and your family members to travel to and fro as there are different things on the wedding day to be taken into consideration so travelling the distance becomes important. Moreover, as a bride you wouldn’t like to travel to along the distance with all embellished.

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