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How to lure your crush in 10 days?

How to lure your crush in 10 days?

How to lure your crush in 10 days?

How to lure your crush in 10 days?


The First Move

Okay. First thing’s first, men will never come up to you unless they are completely sure that there is no danger of failure or rejection. You can either keep all the fear and ego aside, ball up your courage and approach your crush first or, you can make him approach you.

Underneath are a list of points that will enlighten you on How to not only Approach Your Crush but also Lure Him into Your Web of Love.


50 Shades of Red

How to lure your crush in 10 days?

If you don’t know how to lure your crush into your spider-web, wear red. Red is a bold, vibrant and confident shade that will probably turn every single eye in the room.

A kickass, berry red on your lips accompanied with a beautiful yet simple red dress will not only give you an aura of a fire-goddess, but also will the colour mesmerize your crush enough to make him approach you himself.


Smell of Your Personality

Wear a perfume that reflects your personality the best way possible. From Crystalline by Bvlgari – of pure, dream-like fragrances of confidence – to Daisy by Marc Jacobs – a rather floral, feminine scent! Decide on a scent that goes best with your personality and leave the man wanting the smell of you more.

A good perfume gives a “halo-effect” – for good smell automatically makes a person more attractive. Here Are Ten Perfumes Every Woman Must Own In 2016!


Voice Modulation

A sultry, passionate voice can be adopted at times when you are alone with him to make him go all giddy over the huskiness of your voice. In groups and at other times, you can take your voice a pitch higher, to sound more enthusiastic and feminine.

A really loud voice or extremely soft voice – is not something that appeals to people instantly. Really loud is plain annoying, and extremely soft is as good as inaudible and goes unnoticed.

Therefore, voice modulation is quite important if you think about it.


The Vibe You Emanate

How to lure your crush in 10 days?

You must not come across as someone sad or pessimistic, lacking confidence, always jittery and fumbling in front of the man you like. Clumsy is cute sometimes, not always.

You must come across as a confident woman, with not a care in the world, cause after all, you really have nothing to lose. Just be yourself, emanate positive vibes, and the air of independence will automatically appeal to your crush.

A confident woman is the definition of sexy – Here are Ways to Become A Confident Woman!


Intimacy and Geniality

It’s time you stop being so aloof. Get closer, be more amicable. Pat him in the back or give him a hug when you bid each other goodbye. The touch and intimacy makes situations lighter and informal between the two of you.

This type of affable yet flirtatious behavior will result in the man becoming more and more comfortable around you. The pleasure he starts taking in your company will lead to him asking you out sometime soon!


Tone Yourself

Let’s face it, most men are shallow and only care about tall women with long, well-toned arms and legs, perfectly voluptuous breasts and buttocks, and all the superficial things that will later on hold no significance to their emotional upheaval.

But since the world already works that way, you have got to start picking up the pieces by first taking care of yourself. Don’t starve yourself trying to lose weight, but work out enough to be healthy, glowing and radiant. Here are Tips to Remain Forever Young And Beautiful!


Turn Heads While You Walk

How to lure your crush in 10 days?

Have you noticed how we find it an awful turn-off when someone’s gait is ugly in nature? A person’s manner of walking might be how they are judged on a daily basis by strangers. You can either shamble or stride, but you have got to make it look sexy!

Move your hips (not too much) in a way that is not only sexy but confident – strut like a diva, make the eyes of your crush follow you every time you pass.


Laugh at his Jokes

Take delight in his sense of humour. A girl’s giggle is an adorable show to witness. There are times when men fall for the women who laugh in a certain way and at certain things.

Give occasional chuckles and light, silly laughs – the more he watches this phenomenon, the more he will be attracted to you. A contagious giggle will get the best of your crush out by strengthening your bond with him.


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Compliments and Praises

We all fish for compliments from time to time to help our self-esteem cope. And which man or woman does not like receiving compliments?

Don’t sound too eager by showering him with praises and flattery on a daily basis, but tell him how his tee-shirt’s cool one day or his beard looks charming on him the other, on a subtle yet endearing way.

Your display of interest and liking towards him, will rouse his curiosity and likeness for you.


Ask Him Out!

It’s time to ask him out. Go ahead, be casual about it, tell him you guys should hang out somewhere – go for a party or have deep conversations over wine on your rooftop that go on until the break of dawn. This is where you get to know him, impress him and make him get to finally, truly know and understand the real you.

If you’re unsure of how to have the most perfect moment with your man, here are the Best Places to Take Your Partner Out on A Date according to his Zodiac and Personality!


And lastly – Wear Your Best Smile

How to lure your crush in 10 days?

While with him, put your quintessential smile on. A pleasant yet beautiful smile – a smile that completes your pretty face. Make your man fall for your smile.

For this smile of yours, is everlasting. For the red lipstick and the toned body will eventually fade into nothingness, all you will be left with is the purest of treasures – a gift you received when you opened your eyes into this world – that is, your smile. And since then, it has and will never change. Never let your smile grow faint!


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