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Marriage and money: getting on the same page

Marriage and money: getting on the same page

Marriage and money getting on the same pageWhen you are planning of getting married you have plenty of tasks to take care of. You want to search for the perfect dress. You want the perfect bouquet. You may think you already have found the perfect match. Therefore if you want to have a perfect marriage instead of perfect recipe for disaster, you must make sure that you must invest some time on discussing matters that are important in any marriage.

Studies have shown that couples who spend time on planning about their finances are expected to avoid divorce. Planning doesn’t mean talking to a priest or the most preferred family friend. The planning should consist of sitting down and discussing issues that can most easily arise in the marriage.

According to some marriage counselors money is one of the top reasons for divorce in many marriages. When you talk to your spouse you need to discuss about the financial issues. You need to find out how you will address each of these ideas. The studies suggest that money is the single biggest cause of fights in marriages and divorces in most of the countries. Couples fight for the money in all important stages of the marriage. When the two of you can decide that you are on the same page, then both of you can avoid most of the fights. That can ensure quality marriage

What type of things do you need to discuss with your spouse. Some of the important questions include:

How do you and your spouse feel about debt?

What is the amount of debt that you can easily afford?

What are your financial objectives?

What is the initial budget for you and your spouse?

What will you and your spouse do about the retirement savings?

rupees-435450_1280What will you and your spouse do about the child’s college funding (assuming you have children?)

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Will you and your spouse have children?

How many children do you want?

Is the mom trying to stay at home or work?

If she is staying home, what can be done early in the marriage to keep you financially stable?

These are not the minimum set of questions that you need to analyze before your marriage but they can give you a lead in the right direction. These issues are very important and they can cause tension in the marriage than talking about squeezing your tooth pastes. You must analyze them before you take your vows. You will have a very easy first year of marriage. You can even talk to your spouse about the different types of investments that you can make to increase your income. For example you can start a business in which your spouse can help you. You can also decide on working on equal basis. The mom can even do a job to provide extra income to the family. All these matters should be decided before or during the marriage so that you are on the same page with your spouse.

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