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How to teach him a lesson when he takes you for granted?

How to teach him a lesson when he takes you for granted?

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It is difficult to deal with a relationship that has lost its charm and you feel like a doormat. If you want to revive the fun and make him want you more, it’s time to level up and get his attention proactively. Has your boyfriend been ignoring you or has taken you for granted? How can you make your lover feel guilty for hurting you? Do you wish to teach him a lesson? Here is how you can make your partner jealous and make him beg you to come back or give him another chance:


Give him a silent treatment 

If you feel the heaviness of the relationship crushing you morally, it’s good to avoid confronting and disturbing your peace. Use silent treatment as your weapon to get back your control and keep your person guessing about what’s going on in your mind without giving him any explanation for some time. Silence is golden. If words have not been able to drive home your point, it’s time to create some emotional distance with your partner and ignore him till he understands his mistake and learns to behave in a respectful manner with you. 

Draw your boundaries 

Learning to draw the boundaries early on in the relationship is good for your self-esteem. If you got swayed or were hesitant to hurt him by categorically stating your expectations here is a chance to make things right. Probably this signaled your lack of authority and enabled him to use your weaknesses against you. Be responsible for your actions henceforth and make your expectations and needs from the relationship clear to him. Also, stick through the rules so that he values your decisions. If you project indecisiveness, he’ll mistreat you repeatedly. 

Get busy with your life 

No matter how perfect your relationship is, you should have your personal goals aligned. Throwing your personal growth out of the window makes you less attractive to the opposite sex. He is perhaps convinced that he can manipulate you because you are naive and are clingy with no sense of purpose. It’s time to get back to things you love doing and focus on improving those aspects of life that have room for corrections and enhancements. Also, when your attention is diverted towards productive tasks, you’ll be able to keep your focus off things beyond your control. In this case, it’s your partner’s irresponsible behavior. 

Be assertive when you are making a point

Learn to take charge of what you say and how you say it. You don’t have to be rude to clarify your intentions. It’s time that he stops assuming your niceness to be your weakness. Strong relationships are built on strong foundations and this means effective communication with your partner. He has perhaps misunderstood you and figured out the loopholes to get away with his callous attitude. Draw a clear line reminding him who you are and what you are capable of. Tell him that violating your space whether physical or emotional could have serious consequences, legal if need be. 

Part ways if nothing works out

If the line of communication is broken and has no chances of repair, it’s time to separate from your partner and figure out ways to move on. You cannot rely on someone for your happiness when they do not have a compassionate or supportive attitude. You may be flocking after a dead horse and it’s time to realise it sooner before your mental well-being is jeopardized. An unhealthy relationship has a crippling effect on your overall productivity and when you are deprived of true happiness and respect, get out of the non-functional partnership.

Flirt with the opposite sex 

Sometimes it works to make your partner jealous of others who show interest in you. It could be so that he devalues you so much that he fails to take note of or appreciate your loyalty and love. You can teach him a lesson with a foolproof plan getting closer to someone of the opposite sex and devoting a huge part of your time to that person. When he finds you missing or unavailable at his beck and call, he might as well realise what he is about to lose. Also, talk about this new person in your life more often and admire him. This could drive him crazy knowing that he is some serious competition in the block. 

Avoid his calls and texts

Learn to be vague around your partner. If he is used to knowing what you do and where you go, he is comfortable and hence, lost the curiosity. Respond to his calls late or maybe take a day or two to get back to him. What your relationship needs is more spark and mystery so that his interest in you piques again. Have monosyllabic conversations with your partner to show your lack of interest. Basically making him taste his own medicine could trigger him and make him realise his mistake. 

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Let sex be off the table 

Just simply deny him physical intimacy to prove the fact that you’ll stand by your viewpoint. It would make no sense if you give in to his efforts of seduction and become his pawn again. The more you avoid sexual contact the greater resentment you show for the way he treats you. If he has been using you for sex or personal favors, he would definitely manipulate you to engage sexually. Understand that it’s a trap and saying a strong ‘no’ is a clear indication of your disinterest unless he proves himself capable of your whole body, mind, and soul. 

Take a break temporarily 

It is often seen with long term relationships that the spark wanes away as soon as the honeymoon phase is over. Men are attracted to women who can use their creativity to keep the attraction alive and burning. Monotony and routine can cause a lack of interest and ultimately being taken for granted or devalued in relationships. When on a break, just don’t entertain his calls or messages. Don’t post anything on social media to show that you miss him. In fact, it’s a good idea to take a break from the virtual platforms. This would spike his curiosity to know what’s up with you. And if the relationship still has the potential, he would realize the vacuum you left in his life. 

Focus on your physical appearance

As much as we would like to accept the fact that true love is blind, it does not really work for all. The way you project yourself or the aura of yours does have a lot to do with how the people around you perceive you or build an image of yours. If you believe that an image enhancement could make you more appealing to the people around you or your partner has been complaining and comparing you with other women, it’s time to work on that revenge body. Go for a makeover or change your wardrobe. It would definitely give you an edge in making a stronger impact over your partner. 


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