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Three Nail Polish Trends

Three Nail Polish Trends

nail polish
nail polish
Credit photo: Flickr/CC/TheKarenD

Nail polish has a special role in making ladies beautiful. Women like to show their boldness by colouring their nails with fun colors.  Different nail arts have been made to make the nails more attractive. Here are different nail trends of this year.

Dusty Rose:

It is a color that suits every outfit. It is widely used by women who work in corporate sectors. Some also like to add to it with a pink top coat.

Company recommendations: Revlon, NARS

Foamy Green: 

Foamy green color gives a natural happiness glow to your nails. It is widely used by the teenagers.

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Company recommendations: Maybelline

Cobalt Blue:

It always creates a royal feeling when you wear it. This color is still as popular as in the past. Company recommendations: Revlon , Color fever

Pragna Mohapatra
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