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Typical brides – Found only in India

Typical brides – Found only in India

Indian brides are always excited about their wedding and would do anything to make it a memorable day. It’s like a dream come true for each Indian bride. There are various kinds of Indian brides who imagine their wedding in different ways. Let’s have a look at some of the kind

  • Sentimental bride: Sentimental brides are often very emotional. They always dream of getting married and at the same time, the thought of leaving their family brings tear to their eyes. Even if everything works out perfectly she will not think twice before shedding those tears. In other words everything related to her wedding, be it her wedding dress or pre-wedding functions would make her tears roll down the cheeks.


  • Sharmili bride: These kinds of bride are generally very shy and would blush just at the word of her marriage. She would simply gush whenever her relatives or friends teases her regarding marriage but normally would not utter anything


  • Miss perfectionist: Starting from her wedding dress, venues, and decorations to food menus, she would take charge of everything. They work in a much planned way and would double check everything to avoid any loopholes. They want the whole occasion to be perfect just the way they imagined things. These kinds of bride take care of every single problem personally to avoid the slightest fault.


  • Romantic bride: If you enter a wedding venue and find it decorated with heart shaped balloons, red dupattas, red roses and even hear romantic Bollywood numbers you can be sure that it’s a romantic brides wedding. She always finds a reason to fall in love with her partner repeatedly and would never miss a chance to show her feelings or create a romantic moment. She finds love everywhere and in everything.


  • Filmy bride: As soon as her wedding date is fixed, she starts with her list of filmy ideas about wedding and themes, which have always mesmerized her. Starting from her bridal dress to her make up for the wedding day, all should have a filmy significance. In short she would like her wedding to a perfect Bollywood stylized wedding.


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  • Irritated bride: Irritated bride are always frustrated, be it on her wedding day or her sagai. If you are thinking of giving her a suggestion or making a comment you should always be ready to face sarcastic comments or weird faces.


  • Bindass bride: Her main motto of wedding is to have fun and enjoy every bit of it. She would respect all the traditions and follow them religiously and would also add some elements of happiness into it. For her, marriage is a lifetime event and she deserves to enjoy it to the fullest.


  • Unique bride: The main motto of a unique bride would be to make her wedding different from just the traditional ones. She would make sure to add certain ideas or elements that would make her wedding a unique one and give everyone a reason to remember and cherish it.

I hope, you enjoyed the list of these brides found at Indian wedding and finding out what kind you want to be or have been on your wedding day J

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