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What to do against sagging breasts

What to do against sagging breasts

Sure, sagging breasts have something to do with gravity, disposition and age. But not only. We can also do something ourselves for and against the breasts approaching the ground.

It is not uncommon for women to be dissatisfied with their breasts at some point. As oestrogen levels fall over the years, the connective tissue becomes weaker and weaker, so common gravity has an easy time of it. But other factors are also responsible for sagging breasts:

1. Smoking

Nikotin harms the skin – also of your breasts


Smoking is unhealthy for body and mind. We know that. But cigarettes are damaging not only lungs, skin, teeth and the like. Also the breasts get some of the poison off and let themselves hang. Researchers at the University of Kentucky, in an eight-year study on breastfeeding and sagging breasts, found that smoking favours the sagging of the breasts. The reason: smoking breaks down elastin. The protein is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and supports the breasts. “Smoking breaks down a protein in the skin called elastin, which gives youthful skin its elastic appearance and supports the breast… so it would make sense that it would have an adverse effect on the breasts,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Rinker from University of Kentucky.

2. Wearing the wrong bra


Wearing the right bra is important for your breasts


Many women make the mistake of measuring their circumference too wide and their cups too small. When it comes to the bra, the right advice is therefore important. Otherwise, the breasts will not be supported and protected enough in everyday life and will give in to gravity more quickly. According to the French scientist Jean-Denis Rouillon, you should even do without bras altogether.

Also another study by the University of Portsmouth came to the same conclusion.


3. Weight fluctuations

Loosing or winning weight too quickly impacts your breasts


The ups and downs on the scales are also visible on the breasts. If we put on more weight, if we put on more breasts, if we take them off, they get smaller again. In the long run the tissue will be strained. If the breasts become larger, the skin expands and loses its elasticity. After the removal, the skin is surplus and the breasts sag.

4. Not drinking enough

water is healthy
drinking water is healthy for your breasts


Water is healthy for us and our breasts. But if our skin gets too little fluid, it suffers together with the rest of the body from the deficiency. According to a nutrition expert, one and a half litres of water a day (!) are absolutely sufficient. For him, the two to three liters of water that are often conjured up are an invention of the industry anyway.


5. Sunbathing

Too much sun can harm the skin

Sunbathing is good for the soul, but bad for the skin. The breasts also suffer from too much sunshine.

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Extensive sunbathing makes the skin age faster. This applies not only to the face and décolleté, but also to the breasts. You should cream your breasts therefore always extensively with sun milk, if you belong to the sun worshippers and want to sunbathe.


How we can actively prevent sagging breasts

In order to prevent sagging breasts, we should refrain from smoking, wear the right bra, hold our weight, drink enough and cream ourselves well when we lie down in the sun. But that’s not all. You can do actively more to prevent breasts from hanging. With sport, for example. Because: The breasts consist mainly of fat, and the underlying pectoral muscles and ligaments are hold. If the pectoral muscle and the torso as a whole are trained, this can make a corresponding contribution to the appearance. For example, push-ups can help prevent sagging breasts, as can various yoga exercises.

Also an effective exercise: the “chest press”. To do this, set up your legs at hip width and put your hands together (with the palms of your hands facing inwards) in front of your chest; the angled arms should form a straight line at chest height. Now press the hands together firmly for ten seconds. Repeat as often as you like.


Massages are also a beautiful – and at the same time soothing – helper against sagging breasts. Because: During the breast massage the blood circulation of the connective tissue is stimulated and the sagging of the breasts is prevented.


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