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Win Heart of Husband: Love Life after Marriage

Win Heart of Husband: Love Life after Marriage

Win Heart of Husband: Love Life after Marriage

Win Heart of Husband: Love Life after Marriage

Love stories begin just like the blossoming of flowers in spring with charm, attractiveness, aroma and excitement. Long night conversations, parties, gifts, movie nights, love and laughter, hugging and kissing, and so much more are just the beginning of any love story. So far, it seems like you are going to live a happy life forever. But the things change as guy and gal get married and the days of autumn are just ahead. Conversation changes from “let’s party tonight” to bring some baby milk tonight”. You feel like your husband never turns an ear to your argument and in the end all you have to face is sleeping apart and not talking for days.

Things can be as beautiful as before and I don’t mean to have an expensive tour to Goa beach resort or buying a luxurious apartment. All you need to do is to take care, respect feelings of each other, and never prioritize your work over love. Here are few of the tips to help you win heart of your hubby.

Hugs and kisses

Win Heart of Husband: Love Life after Marriage

Do you remember the feeling of hugs and kisses before marriage? Now it is just a story of past. No problem, this thing happens to most of the couples after marriage. However, if you want to have a charming day, beautiful afternoon and romantic night, hug and kiss him whenever you want him to feel your love. Hugs and kisses help you stay healthy and lessen the stress level.

Call Him to Bed

If your hubby works late at night, don’t scream at him. Make sure to wait for him to come and sleep with you. If you are feeling a little bit sleepy, seduce him with your body gestures and attract him to come and lie with you. After he comes to bed, make sure to give him love surprises and make him feel hot.

Express Your Love

Win Heart of Husband: Love Life after Marriage

When was the last time you said, “I love you”? Probably several weeks, but now you need to change your way. Even if your husband knows that you love him, still it is important to express. The magical three words will not only express your feelings but will also boost energy to fight against odds that you both have to face each day.

Give him Surprise

Does your husband really love you and bring gifts for you to surprise. In the ideal world, yes! But what about you? Have you given him any surprise after his birthday? If not, do it today. A gift does not mean spending a lot of money. It means giving your heart away with a present that can surprise him. How about giving him a beautiful coffee mug with few chocolates or give him a romantic novel. This would really make him feel special and you will feel the intensity of love from your hubby.

You can go for plenty of ways to surprise your hubby and live like never before. Your life will become pleasing, love filled and stress-free that you have never felt before.


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