Your hair can be healthy – treat it the right way!

You want healthy hair? Annd you want to save the trip to the hair saloon?  Your hair can be healthy  –  treat it the right way!!


Hair is deemed to be the barometer of someone’s health. A desire to feel your hair strands a little more new and glowing and letting your hair lead a rather invulnerable life is within the realm of possibility. Dab in colors, go for foil high lightening or turn into a bombshell redhead or blonde. In short, your hair can survive multiple deep-conditioning treatments. If you are effervescent and seasoned, your hair will experience a tingling sensation of a variety of treatments. And, worry not, once you are aware of the tips to keep hair healthy, nothing of the hair adventures will cause any damage.
Sometimes, though, everyone wants their strands to feel a bit more…shiny and new. And, thanks to these easy tips that getting that original look back — or at least coming close — is doable. These are some really simple tactics to keep hair stronger. Kate Hanley, a senior stylist at Takamichi Hair, NYC puts it right: “There is no true way to‘re-virginize’ your hair”

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Foods to eat for healthy hair

Hair is extremely sensitive and yet we put it through a lot, sometimes though bleach and other times a dye. Good nutrition can keep these artificial methods from wreaking havoc on your hair. Beware that crash diets lead to deficiencies in blood causing hair loss or a at least a bad quality.

There’s a way you can enjoy a delicious meal and beautiful hair at the same time. Incorporating some foods, rich in vitamins, in your weekly diet will give you hair that shred less and shine more.  Apart from being yummy, some of these foods carry omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron and proteins.


Rich in omega oils and proteins, Salmon gives you a healthy scalp. Almost all of the hair experts recommend eating loads of salmon. Wild Salmon contains more nutrients than the farmed one. A little expensive but it’s worth it.


  1. NUTS

Rich in zinc and fatty acids, Nuts serve as an ideal snack for helping production of healthy hair. Almonds, cashews, pecans fulfill the deficiency of zinc which is said to be linked with hair fall.



Dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are rich in vitamin A and C which help the body in generating sebum which keeps hair strands naturally shiny and hydrated.



Rich in vitamin C, berries add to your antioxidant intakes, keeping your hair safe from sun and pollution. Experts refer to eating a lot of blueberries as protective shield against the harmful radicals of environment.


  1. EGGS

Adding eggs to your breakfast will give proteins to the hair promoting hair growth. Eggs also make hair thicker by fulfilling the B vitamin biotin’s deficiency. A balanced diet is most recommended for hair growth which means eat a lot of fruit, nuts, carrots and salad along with eggs.


New way to shampoo

Consider shampooing your hair differently than you have been doing it before. To lather up, add more water to the shampoo and pour it on the scalp. Start at the nape and keep working forward.  When the lather has formed, massage at the roots and around the ears.  This method will help get rid of toxins and oils which usually remain on the hairline behind nape and ears.


It’s absolutely necessary to adopt good hair care practices because your hair is too sensitive to stand up to the various types of processing done these days.  We hope the article has set you ready for healthier hair.

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