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7 Unsolved deaths – Bollywood mysteries

7 Unsolved deaths – Bollywood mysteries

The movie industry has a strange fascination for the common populace. The greater than life characters and the larger than life scenes have a great hold on the audience’s mind. But more than the characters and the scenes it is the real life stories of stars than interest us more. And nothing interests us more than the shocking deaths of our favorite stars who died of mysterious reasons.

7 Unsolved deaths – Bollywood mysteries

Divya Bharti

When it comes to mysterious deaths, Divya Bharti’s name first comes to mind. It’s still hard to believe that this feisty 19 year old could have jumped to her death. Conspiracy theories abound with some suggesting the hand of her husband behind her death. Her case was closed due to lack of evidence but it remains as much of a mystery today as when she died way back in 1992.

Parveen Babi

Heartthrob of millions, Parveen babi died a lonely death with none from the industry turning up for her last rites save for Mahesh Bhatt. Suffering from acute schizophrenia Parveen Babi had confined herself to her home during the last few years of her life. It is still not clear whether it was a natural death or whether she had taken her own life. fed up of her own insecurities

Guru Dutt

An actor and director par excellence, Guru Dutt led a turbulent life leading to two failed suicide attempts. He suffered from sleep disorders and was often in the habit of taking sleeping pills. On the day of his death, it is presumed that he must have accidentally taken an overdose of pills. However till today people are divided on the cause of his death, some still believing that he had committed suicide.

Geeta Dutt

Geeta Dutt, the wife of Guru Dutt too died tragically. After the death of her husband she suffered a nervous breakdown and faced a financial crisis. Her drinking orgies only made her problems worse and finally her excess drinking led to the cause of her death.

Priya Rajvansh

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The wife of Chetan Anand, Priya Rajvansh died an untimely death when she was murdered by Ketan Anand and Vivek Anand(sons of Chetan Anand by his first marriage) and their accomplices regarding a property dispute. The accused were found guilty and today they are serving life imprisonment.

Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha was known more for her voluptuous figure and risqué scenes than her acting skills. She was one of the leading vamps of the southern film industry in the 80s. Living life on her own terms, she apparently committed suicide in 1996. Lack of acting offers and mounting debts could have the contributing factor towards her death.

Nafisa Joseph

A successful video jockey and a model, Nafisa Joseph shocked everyone when she took the drastic step of killing herself. During the last days of her life, she was reported to be extremely disturbed as her fiancée, Gautam khanduja had called off their marriage. The family of Nafisa squarely blames him for her death.

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