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A Shameful Version of Humanity by Varun Pruthi

A Shameful Version of Humanity by Varun Pruthi

India is no more a developing country. With an impactful economy, huge manpower and bustling trade activities she rather stands very close to being a ‘developed country’. She owns world class airports, well connected rails and roads and breathtaking places, including slums, that puts her in the list of ‘favourite destinations’ of every tourist around the world. She is known to be the abode of spiritual tranquillity and hospitality, thanks to stories of ancient Vedas and the tourism industry.

Well India also has a Prime Minister, the face of the nation, who is still on a world tour ever since he has attained office, busily shaking hands with world leaders and proudly reciting the never-ending tales of tea vendors of India.

She has also witnessed a history of centuries of slavery and knows what it takes to rise from the ashes, like a phoenix.

Nevertheless, in the age of 21st century, humanity is a rare luxury in India.

You will get a clearer understanding of my words once you watch the video. Indian actor Varun Pruthi, unlike his counterparts, is gaining popularity with his YouTube videos where he extends his hand of compassion to people who need it the most.

With an aim to generate awareness and instigate masses with this noble initiative, Pruthi flew from US and had shot this experimental video as a sequel to the Nirbhaya rape episode. A bleeding Pruthi is seen pleading for help on the street only to watch his efforts pathetically go down the drain. A great deal people preferred to stand by and watch a free show in which Pruthi even faked death but not one person stepped up to take him to the hospital. An embarrassed I asked myself, “Is this our definition of humanity?”

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If ‘No’ is answer then the second question arises, “What is your definition of humanity?”, and comes the next “What would you do in such a situation?”, “Would you offer help or save yourself from being involved with the police?” Numerous questions like these would haunt us only if we believe in the religion of love, compassion and of course humanity.

It is a pointless gesture to change governments once in every five years if we as people can’t change ourselves as a society. After all a government is just a mere reflection of its citizens.

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Fighting for our democratic rights could be a lost battle if we cannot summon the courage to stand up for one another, be it man or woman, rich or poor. We need to be united not just in public protests but in situations like these as well, eventually breaking away from the shackles of self centeredness.

Even the ‘Mahatma’ of our land, who gifted us free India, had said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It is time that we be that change.


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