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From A Rebel Indian Male’s Perspective

From A Rebel Indian Male’s Perspective

Airtel Boss – From A Rebel Indian Male’s PerspectiveIndia should ban the latest AirTel ad ‘Boss’. Because it hurts basic men’s rights, it portrays men as objects, it hurts the collective conscience of this country, and it suppresses the freedom of self-independence. You need more reason? You must be a heartless feminist then…

After Airtel released this new ad, in a parallel world, a Faceoffbook group announcement reads something like this –

“All the fellow MCPs are being cordially invited to raise your voice against such a shameful, westernized attack on the pure, prehistoric prejudices (oops, traditions) our country has always been committed to, by joining the Candle Light March organized on the coming Sunday afternoon at (put your preferred venue).

We also encourage you to invite all your MCP friends and associates to join this noble cause and make it a success.


A Proud MCP (Group Administrator)”


Here, for all the pro-feminist and other living beings who cannot gauge the seriousness of this issue due to their lack of foresightedness, are the reasons explained –

Indian values at risk: Can anything be the worst than an ad that puts the traditional Indian values at stake? What are our kids going to learn from such demeaning ads? Will not it affect their tender minds and compel them to perceive women as the ring master, or mistress in this case? What about the poor male population of this society? How can they survive such a severe attack on their collective identity? What image they are going to have in front of their children? And, most importantly, is it not directly allowing the women to exercise dictatorship on their life/work partners?

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Imbalance in gender equality: Absolute imbalance! This ad portrays a situation that could change the course of history, of course, in the most negative way. It has shown that both in office and home front, it’s the woman who is in charge of everything, whether it’s putting unbearable work targets on an employee (let’s, for some time, forget that the employee is her husband too) or manipulating the man to compromise with the work by luring him with a food video. Yes, there comes the next reason elaborating this point.

Unethical practices: What on earth is the meaning of assigning too much work on your husband (read employee) and then asking him to leave all those assignments because you want him to be at home just to appreciate whatever good food you have cooked? What kind of professionalism is this? And, think that about that poor husband who cannot have a say in anything at home or office! That slavish submission to the boss cum wife’s whimsical decisions along cannot bring a happy smile on that poor face. God be merciful!

Possibility of a terrible future: If things go in this way, soon, at every house in India, the mothers will teach their daughters to learn dominating their male siblings and ask their sons to be submissive, to not raise voice against a woman, to never go against the wishes of women, to show unquestioned faith to the women in their life and what not!

So, brothers, it’s time to unite against such possibilities of oppression and raise voice against such attempts made to curb our freedom and other basic male rights.

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