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Holi – Coloured Spring Festival

Holi – Coloured Spring Festival


Holi - Coloured Spring Festival
Holi – Coloured Spring Festival

Festivals of a religion comprise a substantial part of it, and serve to represent the identity of the religion. You jump up to the name of Christianity whenever you listen to the word Christmas, and whenever you listen of Eid, Islam springs up in your mind. Likewise, Holi is such an event, which characterizes the religion of Hinduism, as it is one of the major religious festivals, along with Diwali.


This festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Phalgun. According to the Gregorian calendar, this month is in line with the month of March. In the ongoing year, it was celebrated on March 17, and next year it will be celebrated on 6th of March.


The world witnesses the whole country of India in a new cheerful look, when the preparations of Holi are going on. Markets thrive, as everyone visits markets in order to shop for the festival, and the shopping knows no bounds. Pichkari is the latest innovation in this regard, and it is everybody’s aim to douse everybody in the street.


The festival brings foods along with it that have all the abilities to tantalize the taste buds, such as sweet meats and papri. Papad and chips are also cooked in some areas such as northern India.

Spring festival:

Holi is also called as Spring festival, and rightly so. The reason for such a title is that it announces the arrival of spring, the season of colors, fragrances, flowers, and cozy sun. Bright and blistering summer days are the outcome of such a season.

The main event:

We can easily witness immense excitement in the populace on the eve of Holi. Colors are spread all over, and it is one of the public holidays in the country. Vibrant dyes of gulal and abeer serve to fill the air, and colored water is sprikled over each other. As mentioned earlier, Pichkari is the latest addition in this regard. This event can’t get completed without music, and is filled with music till the very end.

Lovers’ delight:

The lovers sprinkle colors on each other and this practice pertains to relate to Lord Krishna, who initiated this trend, by applying colors on Radha. The event of Holi has a very prominent status in such places, which are called as birthplaces of Krishna and Radha, such as Mathura, nad Vrindavan.

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Decent night:

A sound and sober night is what is the end of an activity filled day. People socialize with their friends and family. Sweets and festival greetings are exchanged in the meetings. Lavish dinners are arranged for family events on the evening of Holi.

Message of the event:

It is such an event which carries the notion of brotherhood in the society. Foes forget the generation long disputes, and eventually become friends. This event unites people from several communities, and serves to create a sense of harmony among the folks. This helps to give force to the secular image of India.


by Nousheen

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