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Lizzie Velasquez – an agitating story

Lizzie Velasquez – an agitating story

lizzy velasquezLizzie Velasquez is one of three known people in the world who suffers from a rare syndrome, which prevents her from gaining weight and has caused blindness in her right eye. But the 24-year-old consistently redefines what it means to be beautiful. When 24-year-old Lizzie Velasquez was born, the doctors told her parents that she would likely never walk, talk, or do much of anything on her own. A rare genetic disorder that currently affects only two other people in the world. The disorder, which is so rare that doctors can’t even definitively pinpoint a name, left her blind in her right eye, and without the ability to gain weight. She eats upwards of 60 small meals a day, but has never weighed more than 64 pounds. Her unique appearance has led to a lifetime of unwanted stares, and hurtful words; even requests for her to kill herself. The lowest point though, was when she discovered a YouTube clip titled “World’s Ugliest Woman” that she unknowingly featured in. But, the 24-year -old girl did not despair . He even became a source of inspiration about the meaning beautiful .

Today, she is a college graduate, a popular motivational speaker and a published author three times over. Lizzie’s ability to defy the odds is nothing short of remarkable, but her toughest battle was having to go up against bullies.
As easy as it would have been to want to retaliate after coming upon such a hurtful gesture, Lizzie ultimately took the high road. She thought long and hard about what defined her as a person, and decided it would not be her outer appearance, but rather her accomplishments, and successes. She took those despicable comments and turned them into the fire that motivated her to get to the point that she is at today. During one of her interview, she acknowledges that she “had a really difficult life, but that’s OK,” because she believes that there is an upside to every bad situation. She doesn’t dwell on what could have been; she creates her own path.

Lizzie’s wonderful outlook on life gives new meaning to what it is to be a beautiful human being. “When people say…’you should die’ and ‘I hope you don’t spread your genes everywhere,’” her friend explained, “it’s just like, ‘Oh my God! There’s like, it’s justugh! You know?”
“What makes me the most mad is when adults do it. When little kids do it, it’s ok, because they’re little kids they don’t know betterthey don’t have a filterbut if it’s an adult, they really should know better,” Velasquez said, as her only complaint.
“My faith, my family, and my friends are the three things that have gotten me where I am today, and have definitely been a huge part in my turning point in making me realize that I need to be positive about this,” she explained.

She has set up a great example for women all over the world. Specially Indian women who have been a victim of bullying and are suppressed even now and then for various reasons. But rather than let the criticism define or break you, Indian women must interpret the insults as a challenge. They should learn from Lizzie Velasquez that the life of a women is in her hands. She could either choose to make this really good or choose to make this really bad.
” Beauty is when we can accept ourselves what it is . That’s when we could see ourselves the most beautiful , “she said. Additionally, Lizzie Velasquez also reminded that the beauty is not what is seen in television or other mass media . ” Beauty is not a standard set of others, such as the skin should be white , long hair or body must have to trim . Beauty is ourselves because we decided to pretty , ” she said . Another thing that Lizzie is determined to be happy with yourself and what you have. “Basically , if we are happy , then automatically we will look much more attractive , ” she said .
Lizzie also gave tips for the perpetrators of bullying . She looked about her taunts and jeers with humor . ” They may be mocking me , but the ridicule it would not make me sad and slumped because that’s what they want, ” she said . “The way to silence the bully is to be happy , “she said
Today, she has helped millions of self-conscious people from all across the globe believe in themselves and understand the true beauty, which comes from the depth of their hearts.

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