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Love – Dharmendra and Hema Malini

Love – Dharmendra and Hema Malini

Rediscovering their love



She was a South Indian beauty and he a hardcore Punjabi lad, this inter-community love affair was a talk of town when the broke away all the shackles just to be together. Hema Malini was a leading lady of the Hindi silver screen and Dharmendra was the leading man. Their on-screen chemistry was a thing that made their movies together a box office super hit.

Jab they met:

The first time they met, Dharmendra was already married to his first wife Prakash Kaur and had two sons who later on became Bollywood sensations, namely Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. It was in the set of the 1970 movie “Tum haseen main jawan”. The Hindi movie industry was at buzz with the rumors going around about their romance. And if sources are to be believed than they were ready to go against the society to be with each other.


They got married:

Amidst societal pressure of Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash kaur, did not wanted to divorce off with Dharmendra and on the other hand Hema Malini’s father opposing to his daughter getting married with an already married man made them wait for some time. Gradually after the demise of Hema Mailini’s father the couple changed their religion to Islam to get married as, Dharmendra was already married to his first wife. The Nikah was later solemnized secretly followed by an Iyengar ceremony.


Their family:

Dharmendra and Hema mailini are still married for the past 34 years and had the best love they have shared with each other. They were blessed with two lovely daughters, Esha Deol and Ahana Deol, the former too showed her stints in the Hindi movie industry for some time.

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Their evergreen love:

He still considers her to be his “dream girl” and she declares him her “true love”. Through their journey from being called as the most romantic couple on-screen to a beautiful couple off-screen. They have gone through everything together for the first time she saw his left foot dancing steps to “main jat yamla pagla deewana” till today. According to Hema Malini her love for him was gradual and when asked him, “it was in an instant”. Be it in the sets of Sholay or their other 41 films together they have showed the world what love means for them.

There were stories around that Dharmendra went to the extent of bribing the light man to malfunction the lights in the sets of the movie Sholay so that he could romance his lady love for a longer time. Hema Malini considers Dharmendra to be a man of great heart who has so much love in him that they he could love her boundlessly.

Their love story had shown the people around what it takes to love some body irrespective of the society, age or even community. A love like this shows the volume of heart that two people have in them that even after more than 35 years of love they are still madly, deeply and uncontrollably in love with each other.


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