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Sallu Bhai’s Sister’s Wedding – a flashback

Sallu Bhai’s Sister’s Wedding – a flashback

Sallu Bhai’s Sister’s Wedding – a flashback

Bollywood fans are seeking some spicy and exciting news every day and it is worth to mention the wedding of Salman’s sister Arpita. Now some time has passed as thr wedding took place las month. Still we think it is worth writing about it as kind of a flash back. There was so much media about it, all social media channels were full of this wedding. Whether you visited your timeline of Facebook, putting a hashtag on Twitter or just switching the channels from your remote, one in every 2 posts or channels did talk about Arpita’s wedding. However, the whole week was dedicated to little sister of Sallu bhai and no one can deny it was full of excitement as two Khans met up again after having grave relations over the time. This made the wedding and occasion more spicy and full of emotions as most of the fans found it to be the best of all.

Soon after it was reported that Arpita was going to wed businessman based in Delhi, some of the media personnel and other associated people found tickling in their stomach. They just equipped themselves to find all the information regarding businessman, Ayush and his background. When the gossips are related to stars like Salman Khan, media gets active and puts every effort to break the news to audience. Venue was just part of such gossips that it is going to be held at Taj Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad.

Salman to shower his love on sister made the day marvelous and turned every stone to invite some of the big stars and other people from various walks of life. Narendra Modi and Ambani are few to mention whom Salman invited personally. Narendra Modi was not able to come to Arpita’s wedding.

Salman is seen plenty of times with paparazzi and that is why it is easy to say that media and Sallu bhai cannot stand together but on the big day, he buried all the grievances. He invited paparazzi fraternity to attend the marriage of his sister and make the occasion memorable and special for her sister.

Katrina and Salman are now separated and she is seen with Ranbir and everyone knows the strong ties between the two in past few years. However, at Arpita’s wedding, everyone was astonished and got Katrina angry and red when Salman called her Kat Katrina Kapoor and further teased her about missing the opportunity to become Mrs. Khan. The incident was top headlines of most of the newspaper, the next day and breaking news on most TV channels.

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From last decade, Bollywood stars as well as fans were wishing for something that took place on this big wedding. The two khans Shahrukh and Salman khan were reunited and turned the dreams into reality. As it is commonly said that in Bollywood wonders do occur, so one such miracle took place at Arpita’s “Mehndi Ceremony” where SRK and Salman let go their bitter past and hugged each other to engrave an eternal ecstasy of their bond.

Though the wedding was full of zest and surprises that made it memorable for the rest of everyone’s life.

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