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The FOUR MUST DOs in Job Interviews

The FOUR MUST DOs in Job Interviews

The FOUR MUST DOs in Job Interviews

No matter how experienced you are or how professionally you behave, interviews are just likely to haunt you just as it haunted you for the first time. There are certainly people who have broad experience in their field but being hired in a big company is just a dream for them. The reason is that although they have excelled in their field and got the skills listed in job requirements, but when it comes to interview, they are not good enough to make a strong impression. If you are one of those people, you need to read it completely and find out what are the do’s in an interview.

must dos in jopb interview

Strong Pitch

Your voice level is what makes you stand out in an interview. Think about if you are talking in a very low tone and the interviewer is finding it difficult to hear you, how can you impress him/her. To influence the mind of interviewer you must have a strong pitch, emphasize on your strengths, and portray a professional image in front of the interviewer. Make sure to say something unique and different about yourself and stand out from the rest of the candidates. In case, you are having sour throat, you can just tell him/her before starting.

Show Enthusiasm

The point of winning the job during an interview depends on how strongly you show enthusiasm. If you are acting like a weak and sick person with flat face and low tone, your interviewer will not be interested in hiring you. Show some enthusiasm and make sure that you make him feel that you are interested in getting the job. It does not mean that you should overreact and act like an overconfident person. According to study, only 10 to 20% of candidates show enthusiasm during the interview and are more likely to get job even with less experience.

Research Ahead

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After getting the call and before going for an interview, make sure that you have researched properly about the company. Collect some information on the internet and find out what other people working there are saying about it. You can find it on plenty of websites where employees can share their experience. But the most important thing to know is when was company formed, what are the services and how can you fit in the position for which they are hiring for. The more you research, the better. It will also show professional attitude and give edge over other candidates.

Be Honest

You should be honest in your interview. Present what you are and do not try to be over smart. If you do not know the answer, just tell the interviewer. If interviewer asks about your skills and expertise in the field that you are not aware of, tell him honestly that you are not aware about it. Committing those things that you are not good at will be harmful for you in the future and can result in being fired from the job after a month or two.


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