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Abused women in India – rape cases and prevention

Abused women in India – rape cases and prevention

There was a time when the world was an innocent and humble place of living, where people felt safe, secure and belonged. Crime levels were as good as non-existent and minds were non- corrupted and ‘simple’.

But today all these virtues of ‘goodness’ have disappeared from the face of the earth and have instead given rise and welcomed the newest and the most famous ‘ social monster’ called ‘Rape’.

This social ‘poison’ has rapidly contaminated almost every pocket of the world with its vicious tentacles and essence. Every nook and corner of this world today has become a dreaded spot for fear of getting ‘spotted’ by the ‘lecherous’ eyes lurking around.

Abused women surveyed facts

According to the surveys conducted by the National Crime Records Bureau, this crime has crossed an alarming case figure of 24, 923 abused women since the year 2012. At the same time, Rape has also been recorded to be one of the most common crimes against women in India, thus stating it to be a ‘National problem’. The latest reports also suggest that there is a rape case recorded in every 22 minutes in India.

Example talks…

Prominent examples that have literally shook the wits of the nation were the Nirbhaya Rape Case, “Park Street” (Kolkata) rape case, Australian Bhrama Kumari rape case, Rape of a Russian national by a politician and many more adding to the saddening list. Mass Protests ranging from candle light marches to street marches were conducted in support to penalize the criminals of such hideous acts. But the solution does not end there.

Weapons in ‘hand’

Nowadays many social units are coming up with different ways and means to empower women with the skills and potentiality to battle out such grievous crimes. Even various martial arts institutes have initiated ‘free women martial training’ to make them physically as well mentally strong and powerful. At the same various police help lines have been activated for 24 hour assistance wherein women can contact any of these numbers at any point of time in case of emergency situations. Different online websites also provide numerous tips and suggestions, which can be kept handy for unpredictable instances.

Protective items like pepper sprays, small knife or blade kit as well as any kind of tough objects are suggested in every ‘handbag’ of women, everywhere they go. Government agencies have also motivated initiatives like women taxi/ auto drivers and women bus conductors, as a method to enhance levels of security and protection and also helping more employment opportunities for women. Legal laws have also been strengthened accordingly with stricter punishments for such criminal acts. Today even if a woman ‘feels’ the risk of rape, can directly head to the nearby police station and inform the officials and register their complaint within immediate effects.

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Thus crediting to the technological advancements ruling the world today, such ‘poisonous’ crimes can now be battled out through virtual platforms, ‘legal whips’ and most importantly with a powerful body, soul and mind.

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