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Top 3 Most Popular Sports in India

Top 3 Most Popular Sports in India

BadmintonSports is an important part of India’s entertainment, tradition and culture. There are a number of sports being played in India. Some of the most popular ones are cricket, badminton and football.


Though cricket is not a national sport of India, yet it is the most popular sports. Cricket has a very long history and was first introduced by Britain’s during their rule. Cricket is also known as unofficial religion in India due to its popularity and fans and is on the top of all the sports played in India. The craze for cricket wide spreads all over India, from Mumbai to Delhi or Kolkata to Andhra Pradesh where you will find the boys busy playing cricket.

India has come up with some of the outclass cricketers who hold distinctive unbreakable records. India has won two world cups in the year 1983 and 2011. Apart from this, they were also champions of T20 world cup in 2007. India has developed as a nation where maximum amount of money is involved in cricket. The glamorous and non-stop entertaining Indian Premier League sets the stage almost every year where cricketers from all over the world take part. Some of the most popular cricket clubs in India are Cricket club of India, Breach Candy Club, National sports club of India and Royal Western India Turf Club.


Football is the second most popular sports in India after cricket. Although football team of India has not achieved any success at international level, yet it is widely recognized and popular among people. The Indian football team was ranked 148th in FIFA ranking as announced by FIFA on 28 November 2013. In the past, India was successfully qualified in 1950, but could not take part in it, as they were not allowed to play barefoot. In 1956, India became the first ever Asian country to reach semifinals of Olympics. India was also among runners up in the 1964 edition of Asian Football Cup. However, with the passage of time, the standard of football dropped due to absence of interest and skills. Domestic football in India stands to bring some quality players on international level in order to compete in big events. Some of the local competition for men comprise the I-League, the annual knockout style Federation Cup and the Indian Super Cup.


Badminton is one of the most popular sports in India. Recently, India has gained success at international level. The most promising and emerging player Saina Nehwal who attained a career best ranking of 2 in December 2010 by Badminton World Federation. Also, she has been the most promising player in the year 2008 by Badminton World Federation. Indian badminton is represented internationally by India National Badminton team and is administered by Badminton Association of India. Sudirman Cup was completed by Indian team in 2011 and was ranked fifth along with three other teams. It is one of the best performances by the team in Sudirman Cup. Some of the most popular badminton clubs are Park shuttle club, ST. Britto Badminton Club Baran District Badminton Association.

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