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Bollywood Actors and their love stories

Bollywood Actors and their love stories

Bollywood actors are not only good at charming girls on screen. They are in fact more charming and love aspirant off screen. No doubt, there are a number of Bollywood stars whose married life was just a complete disaster and could not last for a longer period. Yet, there are couples without whom the Bollywood world becomes dull and gloomy. These couples or should I say lovebirds are never seen apart and why should they, when love shines bright over these couple. Now let us have a look at their love stories that show their great reverence for the chosen women in their lives.

Shahrukh – Gauri

Also known as first couple of Bollywood, Shahrukh and Gauri have always displayed and maintained their personal life in a way that would impress you. Before Shahrukh’s golden days, he proposed to Gauri Khan and convinced her parents for their marriage. From then onwards, both of them have always been together through thick and thin. Shahrukh Khan deserves a lot of appreciation for sustaining a healthy marital relationship even when fame could have changed him.

Riteish – Genelia

Riteish and Genelia too are an addition to the group of happy Bollywood couples. Both of them were in love for 8 years. Since the release of their first movie, they finally decided to tie the knot. First, they thought they were just friends and nothing else was between them. However, their understanding grew very well and wedding wows replaced friendship.

Saif – Kareena

They are the most popular and dashing couple in the world of Bollywood. They are also known as “Saifeena” and one of the most inspiring couples of tinsel town. They painted the whole town red with their love by strolling together and taking long bike rides everywhere. Saif has given great respect to the woman of his dreams, his softer sentiments have brought great stability in their life.

Akshay – Twinkle

Akshay and Twinkle had a tragic start and broke up but soon they got back with each other and decided never to leave. Akshay was proposed by Twinkle on a tape and he realize she was the woman of his dreams. He walked an extra mile to get them back together.

Aamir – Kiran

Amir and his beloved spouse make a sweet couple together. Being not only life companions but also business partners they respect each other. We love how Amir stands by Kiran’s side in the highs and lows of life.

Abhishek – Aishwariya

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The couple worked together in a number of movies. However, it was after the premier of their film Guru in New York that Abhishek proposed to Aishwarya at the airport, and of course, Aishwarya did not have to think much about Abhishek’s offer. Abhishek has always offered support to his wife and this is the reason they have a friction free life.

Hrithink – Sussane

Heartbeat of masses, Hrithik Roshan’s love with his wife Sussane goes back to their youthful days. Hrithik had always liked Sussane and to say his feelings to her, the actor chose a remarkable idea. While they were both on a date, Hrithik put the love ring in a coffee cup, which she found after a couple of minutes. Even after marriage he loved Sussane greatly and kept all scandals away from the wonderful woman of his dreams.


by Nousheen

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